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Kitchen designer Nice (06): AS Design, is a kitchen designer and interior design shop in Nice for individuals and professionals. AS Design Italian kitchen designer accompanies you in the creation of the kitchen of your dreams. AS Design also offers its services: kitchen designer Antibes, kitchen designer Cannes, kitchen designer Monaco.

This kitchen designer in Nice, expert in his field, is available to individuals and professionals: interior designers, DPLG architects, developers, etc. will find kitchens adapted to their needs at AS Design. At AS Design, space design is a priority. In fact, all our projects for customised kitchens, bathrooms, dressing rooms and bookcases are proportioned according to ancient calculation methods. Our speciality, the Italian kitchen, the dressing rooms, the bathroom, the cupboards and special filing cabinets for professionals. We study all kinds of requests.

High-end Kitchen

AS Design kitchen designer Nice has as main partner “Cuisine Valcucine” which offers an outstanding fitted kitchen. The layout solutions offered by “Cuisine Valcucine” today are really different from what can be done on the high-end market. This brand of fitted kitchens, for which we have exclusive rights in the French Riviera region, offers innovative solutions in the field of multiple storage, such as the New Logica kitchen system. “A kitchen equipped with this technology is on display in the shop”. To this day, this Valcucine kitchen has neither been copied nor equalled in terms of functionality and remains for many the most functional kitchen in the world.

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Medium high-end Kitchen

At AS Design in Nice, we are able to offer you high quality kitchens and other kitchen fittings with high and deep drawers. Worktops in mineral material with a wide choice of colours and varieties at affordable prices. Valcucine kitchens also have a range such as “Cuisine Forma Mentis”, which offers top-of-the-range technology and know-how at an attractive price. AS Design, kitchen designer in Nice, is there to help you make your choice and will advise you on how to create a kitchen that suits you and your space. We will propose a design on plan to help you to project yourself.

Cuisine Valcucine Forma Mentis cuisine avec porte coulissante en verre et finition en bois de mélamine | Cuisiniste Nice | AS Design

Kitchen at lower price

AS Design, kitchen designer in Nice, is a partner of an Italian kitchen factory that offers our customers kitchens at prices that would make the large-scale retailer pale. Our range of kitchens at affordable prices is designed by us in the principle of top of the range. This means that each kitchen will be well proportioned in the place you entrust to us for a successful harmony. Each kitchen project (Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Monaco) is tailor-made and designed with respect for values such as functionality, storage, aesthetics, safety and of course respect for the budget. Let us guide you through our team of kitchen designers in Nice to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Cuisine avec étagère éclairante | Cuisiniste Nice 06 | AS Design

Services for the installation of your kitchen by kitchen designer Nice (06)

Designer Italian kitchens created and installed to the highest standards

  • Measurements of the kitchen before the quotation
  • Electricity, plumbing, exhaust for the hood
  • Delivery of kitchen equipment
  • Installation of the kitchen
  • Acceptance of the installation of the kitchen

Unlike the mass market, we go on site to measure the dimensions of your space before you have even made a decision on your kitchen purchase. Our main business is selling custom-made kitchens in Nice and throughout the French Riviera and we do it well.

We can identify any electrical or plumbing retrofitting or feasibility needs that may exist, such as for the installation of an island. We will include any alterations in the estimate.

On the day of delivery of the kitchen, customers often do not have the opportunity to see if a part is missing or if an item is damaged. That is why Massimo and his team of kitchen designers are present at the moment of delivery to check all the kitchen equipment.

We are also present on the first day of the installation of your kitchen. For worktops made of marble, granite and other mineral materials that require a template to be taken, our team is on site to ensure that there are no misunderstandings during delivery.

At the end of the installation of the kitchen, we hold a site inspection in the presence of the customer.

A few extras for your kitchen and bathroom: for those who wish, we offer to change the floor covering in the kitchen. Bathroom work can be included in the quotation. We can also offer wall and ceiling painting. We can also offer to paint the walls and ceilings, and even more so to drill a hole in the hood if there is no hood in the house. All kinds of small peripheral works can be considered to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

The two worlds offered by your kitchen designer in Nice

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