Industrial style kitchen

Cuisine style industriel par AS Design

AS Design : cuisine style industriel

Lorsque l’on investit dans une cuisine moderne, bien équipée et facile à entretenir, le style industriel est une option qui vient à l’esprit avec son alliance bois métal. Son contraste noir et blanc et son côté design et ses matériaux à l’état brut rappellent le mobilier pratique et fonctionnel que l’on retrouve dans le monde de l’entreprise et de l’industrie.

Avec son style industriel couleurs sobres et peu variées, la cuisine style industriel de AS Design apporte à la fois cette touche d’authentique en s’appuyant sur des matériaux naturels tout en offrant cette touche de modernité et de tendance recherchée dans les foyers d’aujourd’hui.

Indus kitchen: a range of trendy furniture with metal and wood furniture

In a modern industrial kitchen, the focus is on functionality and practicality, with easy-to-clean furniture made of raw materials such as stone, wood, steel, cast iron or aluminium. The kitchen furniture breathes authenticity with its particular style, typical of industrial furniture.

For those who are looking for ideas for a functional industrial kitchen, the style so characteristic of industrial decorations is just right. The decoration is not loaded with any superfluous, a main space with a central island that can be illuminated with a ceiling light provides the work surface that is needed in this indus kitchen.

In a house where the colour anthracite dominates, black and metal are two essential elements of the industrial style kitchens at AS Design. Raw wood is also a particularity of this type of industrial kitchen, where raw materials are emphasised, leaving behind the plastic and coloured side. In the room thus equipped, the decoration ideas take on their full meaning with the possibility of reinforcing contrasts or simply going in the continuity of the refined style, far from the grandiloquence.

You will find in these authentic and top-of-the-range kitchens all kinds of wood and metal tables, as well as designer wood and metal wall and floor units, whose solidity of surfaces is highly appreciated by families looking for equipment capable of withstanding the ravages of time. It is important that your kitchen design (central island, tiles, walls, furniture, shelves) lasts over time.

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An industrial kitchen that is easy to maintain and robust for everyday use

More than ever, the industrial world kitchen combines many advantages for intensive and daily use. The trendy industrial kitchen with its raw and refined design is easy to clean thanks to its raw surfaces made of wood, steel or aluminium. The solid look of the furniture guarantees high quality and durability. The natural wood worktop with its typical rustic grain is a reminder of the natural, country feel of the furniture, which is so conducive to well-being and a good mood.

The mixture of wood and metal reinforces the contrasts and gives the impression of a transiiton interior design that can be found in luxury areas where high quality is required. The design of a kitchen in a workshop or a warehouse transformed into a luxury home makes sense, making all vintage or psychedelic decorations seem to fade away.

For all those households that are looking for a room that is easy to decorate, neutral and able to withstand everyday wear and tear, this style of kitchen is just right.

This indus style kitchen: the pure and functional side takes centre stage

This kitchen with an industrial look emphasises the clever combination of different materials with character and functionality. The workshop look with its matte black mix of colors makes you want to be creative and provides inspiration for your dishes. Like an artist’s studio, the industrial style kitchen by AS Design allows food lovers to feel good in a space that is not oppressive.

In terms of industrial kitchen design, the trend is towards stainless steel on the worktop, which allows all kinds of operations to be carried out without the risk of damaging the surface. There are also kitchens with laminate worktops to reinforce the rustic and natural aspect, far from synthetic materials which are easy to maintain but lack authenticity.

Whether in a loft where the kitchen is naturally integrated into the dining room and living room or in a classic kitchen with its own central work island, there is no shortage of ideas for moving in. This style of kitchen can be perfectly accommodated in a conservatory thanks to its furniture made of materials that are resistant to sunlight and temperature variations. Plus que jamais, la cuisine de style industriel made in AS Design apporte tout ce dont les foyers modernes recherchent, à savoir l’élégance, la pureté, la simplicité et le côté pratique.

Industrial style for private individuals to give their worktops a modern touch

If you are looking for a trendy industrial kitchen that is clean, functional and able to satisfy all generations, the industrial side will provide the key to your needs. This clever mix of raw materials applied to the wall and base units and the worktop gives that solid and authentic feeling that is so common in the world of industrial furniture.

These relatively recent trends provide an interesting alternative to traditional modern kitchens or the vintage trend of mixing brighter colours. Here, 3 shades are mixed together, namely anthracite black, white and raw wood.

Whether it’s an open kitchen with a loft feel or a traditional indus kitchen, AS Design gives you the opportunity to taste this very special style that can be integrated into any home configuration. These kitchens provide all the essential equipment and space for appliances. Whether fully equipped or not, you can choose the options according to your needs. With AS Design’s industrial style kitchen, rediscover the taste for cooking while reinforcing your ability to entertain.