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Which paint colour for an industrial style?

The industrial style has invaded our homes and flats. And of course, the kitchen has also succumbed to it. But to achieve this style, it is important to choose the right paint colours to dress your walls and other elements with flair. Here are some colour ideas to create the perfect industrial look in your home.

Cuisine style industriel | Massimo Cuisine industrielleColour is an important factor in designing an industrial style without fail

This type of decor requires sobriety above all. Forget flashy or pastel colours and incredible patterns. Interior designers opt above all for materials (wood, concrete and metal) and raw colours to design this type of decor.

There are several shades to choose from to create the perfect room. These are above all grey (you can give free rein to your tastes as light or dark grey is very suitable), black (preferably matt), taupe and brown. White and beige are also colours that can be used safely to bring some light into the room. The ideal colour for a perfect industrial style is wise, classic, refined and elegant.

Other colours have no place on your walls. If you find it a bit sad, you can just add a few items in brighter shades like red or duck blue, but keep it reasonable or you will spoil your decorative style.

To make sure you don’t go wrong and create a high-end visual effect, choose colours that are close to those used on your various elements (worktop, for example). Have you chosen a light grey concrete worktop? Then light grey should be included in your choice of paint. It’s actually quite simple.

If your room is quite dark or small, it’s best to forget the total dark look. Put dark grey or black on one wall and opt for a beige, very light grey or white for the others. This choice of colours is ideal for bringing light into the room and not making it too small.

Another element to take into account when choosing your colours is the general harmony. In the industrial style, the kitchen is very often open to the living room. It is therefore essential to choose colours that coordinate perfectly between the two rooms. It is necessary to play on complementarity. Forget about contrasts and opt for white or light grey walls for a coherent visual effect between the two rooms. The eye should have the impression that it is a single room.

Wondering if choosing one colour to decorate an entire room is a good idea? No, it is not. The industrial style requires a variation of colours. So you don’t need to use a deep black to cover all your walls. This colour will be perfect on one wall only, even if your room is large. For the rest, you can choose between a nice grey or a natural beige (which will remind you of the rough walls of the workshops).

Cuisine style industriel | Massimo Cuisine industrielleEffects that add style

The industrial style likes to take on the characteristics of industrial premises of the past. This is no surprise. You can therefore also play with effect paints for even more character.

Some paints (and coatings) can simulate a particular effect (metal or concrete). And this suits this decorative style perfectly. So don’t hesitate to transform your walls to give them, for example, a concrete look. For a successful visual, prefer concrete effect paints with a grey tone. The application is very simple as you only need to apply one coat with a roller (or a brush). You can finish with a trowel for a look even closer to real concrete. Finish your walls with a wax for a beautiful smooth look.

You can take the detail even further by using a concrete-effect resin to cover your furniture and worktop. Again, opt for dark colours. This will give you not only the look of concrete but also the feel of it.

We mentioned that it was possible to add a few colourful touches to your industrial decoration. Why not simulate wear and tear with specific shades? The industrial style likes the signs of time, such as a few rusty details. For this, you can adopt a rust effect paint that will bring the perfect finish to the decorative ensemble. This can, for example, bring the warm, metallic effects of rust to certain pieces of furniture or parts of the wall. Again, don’t overdo it, it has to be delicate. This is an excellent solution for transforming a modern piece of furniture into a testimony to the past and, in addition, you add a few hints of colour to your decor.

Cuisine style industriel | Massimo Cuisine industrielleYou can also invite brick red into your room. Why not simulate a brick wall in this colour? This area will give the factory style a boost. A red brick wall (you can cheat a little by using a red brick wallpaper) will be perfect in a kitchen or living room. Combine it with stainless steel for a successful marriage.