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Exhibition kitchen: economical, the second-hand fitted kitchen offers a judicious alternative for installing this major room in the home. The dream kitchen is spacious and full of practical furniture. Elegant and of good quality, it should last over time. Its intensive use should be impossible to perceive. AS Design is aware that a good quality fitted kitchen requires an adequate budget and offers you the opportunity to buy a second-hand fitted kitchen at a reduced price.

Display kitchens for sale at a kitchen specialist in Nice

Second hand fitted exhibition kitchen for sale 2024
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Second-hand kitchens with furniture + appliances + worktop are a good investment. The models on display are assembled by professional teams working for the shops or suppliers.AS Design receives new kitchen models in shop every year. Like other retailers, we are interested in showing new equipment to our visitors. The kitchens on display are not left in place for long. The quality of the furniture and worktop is therefore not affected, but the price is drastically reduced.

The display kitchens also come from the manufacturers. Our suppliers proceed in the same way as we do. Their models are made available to the shops and the variety they offer gives them a better chance of attracting retailers. In the shop, the display kitchens are used for a short period of time. The professionals know their stuff, so the handling is limited. Both the worktop and the kitchen furniture remain new.

The price reduction on these kitchen display models is often substantial and this on all types of kitchens: lacquered, oak, etc. Space must be made available in the sales area of the kitchen manufacturers and suppliers. The ideal opportunity to buy a cheap show kitchen in a batch. While retaining the qualities of the original brand. AS Design only presents well-made fittings. Regardless of whether it is a high, medium or entry-level range. Even if the collections are adapted to different budgets, you know that the show kitchens for sale respect our quality criteria and the appliances will also remain within our quality criteria.

Discover the second-hand kitchens available at AS Design

Buying a second-hand fitted kitchen is an environmentally friendly solution that guarantees great savings. Everyday life situations lead people to move. The search for a property takes time and energy, the rare pearl is difficult to find. Most buyers focus on the whole of their future home: the rooms can be arranged at a later date, and they do not want to have a kitchen that they do not like.

Buying a second-hand kitchen in Nice

As an alternative to buying a show kitchen (show model), second-hand kitchens from private individuals offer many opportunities. In the many years we have been in business, our clientele has grown and is satisfied, putting AS Design in touch with people they know. A large proportion of our visitors have comfortable financial means. Our Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region and its real estate attract a wealthy clientele with a passion for gastronomy, and some clients quickly tire of their kitchen. They acquire a new one even though the old kitchen and its worktop are in very good condition.

Others want to have the latest trend or the most advanced equipment in their kitchen. When we fit out their new space, we recover their previous furnishings in perfect condition: worktops, appliances, sinks, etc. It is possible to make a very good deal in these cases and to offer a beautiful and inexpensive fitted kitchen. Depending on the layout of your home, we can advise you on the most suitable model. Whether you want to buy a show kitchen or a private kitchen, we sometimes separate the lots. You can buy the base units of your second-hand kitchen or the worktop. Often more expensive because of their supplies, top-of-the-range turntables and large drawers are now within the reach of all budgets.

In addition to second-hand kitchens, your kitchen specialist offers you two worlds

Low-priced fitted kitchens

Now that they are settled, they want to get a new model quickly. Even though the kitchen was new and the previous owners had just ordered it, they wanted to get rid of it. AS Design offers its services to take over the kitchen units. They are sold at a lower price because they are second-hand, but they are carefully selected and checked. The buyer of the kitchen deserves our full attention. We ensure your satisfaction by offering you models and kitchen utensils that we are perfectly sure of. Even second-hand kitchens should last for a long time.

Used kitchens for sale by private individuals

Another source of supply is complete second-hand kitchens from private individuals who are carrying out work. The desire to improve one’s home sometimes leads to major changes. In this age of large spaces, these changes are becoming commonplace and the most popular interiors contain a large living area. The American-style kitchen is no longer enough. Whether the kitchen is completely open or has a large central island, the place of the kitchen and its worktop is crucial.

For this reason, people collapse partitions and completely change their homes: the previous kitchen layout is no longer suitable, the number of units is insufficient. On the other hand, if there is a need to save space in the home. If a partition is installed, the kitchen is reduced. Furniture that is too bulky is removed. For aesthetic reasons, a new set is purchased with the appropriate dimensions; the old kitchen and its equipment are then recovered.

AS Design is at your service with a wide range of second-hand kitchens. We want you to make the widest possible choice so that you can find the model and measurements that suit you. Our used kitchens for sale offer attractive prices, we put our expertise at your disposal. Equipped, your kitchen must accompany you on a daily basis and a limited budget does not take away the need to feel good in it.

Buying a show kitchen and its worktop allows you to own a recent model that remains up to date long after the release of a new series. Kitchens from suppliers guarantee a minimum of use and proper dismantling. Installation in your home is made easier and the furniture retains its solidity. Buying a second-hand kitchen from a private individual increases your chances of finding the right one for you. Whether it’s an older kitchen or one that’s up to date with the latest fashions, a second-hand kitchen can be just what you’re looking for. Depending on how long it has been in use and the style to which it has been matched, your second-hand kitchen may be rare or original.

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It should also be taken into account that the savings made help to personalise the new property. A decoration or small equipment will enhance your space. Whatever your needs, your Nice kitchen designer can help you: an expert in space planning, AS Design offers you its best models. Our decoration ideas will enhance your furnishings so that everyone can enjoy a unique, elegant interior to their taste.