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A parquet floor is not just a decorative decision! In fact, choosing one has a timeless, aesthetic dimension that will leave a lasting mark on your interior. Opting for parquet flooring means choosing elegance, robustness and durability… characteristics that transcend time and style. That’s why it’s essential to choose high-quality, even customized materials such as those offered by Foglie d’Oro, to create a unique space that will stand the test of time.

Foglie d’Oro, Italian craftsmanship at its best!

The Foglie d’Oro brand stands out for its wide range of products with remarkably precise finishes and designs, the result of meticulous work using hand planes to ensure perfectly homogeneous surfaces. This approach gives its parquet floors an unrivalled look. The Italian manufacturer uses carefully selected, responsibly sourced, high-quality materials, and combines high-precision craftsmanship with its premium parquet floors. In this way, it succeeds in sublimating the precious essences of European walnut, American walnut and oak, which it works with unrivalled precision.

Located in Italy’s Veneto region, the Brotto family at the helm of the company has perpetuated generations of woodworking skills and work ethic. That’s why the Foglie d’Oro branch was created to specialize in the manufacture of high-end, made-to-measure wooden floors. Driven by a tradition of cabinetmaking, the company’s management is constantly striving to offer its customers top-quality, fully-customizable products. To achieve this on a daily basis, particular attention is paid to wood sourcing. Foglie d’Oro works with no fewer than three sawmills in Hungary and Romania. These supply 100% FSC-certified raw materials from responsibly managed forests. The proximity of these sawmills is no coincidence. It provides the opportunity for effective control of felling and reforestation practices, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the final product. What’s more, the Italian manufacturer’s teams control every stage in the manufacturing process, including the ageing of the wood, thus ensuring optimal drying to guarantee the long-term strength and stability of the flooring.

Why let yourself be tempted by a Foglie d’Oro parquet floor?

One thing is certain: Foglie d’Oro parquet floors leave no one indifferent, because the Italian company knows how to sublimate wood and give it fascinating effects that will last over time! Each floorboard is, in fact, the fruit of a unique encounter between the most advanced techniques and the traditional skills of craftsmen. All stages of the manufacturing process are meticulously carried out by hand, offering future customers a quality product with incomparable finishes. Foglie d’Oro parquet embodies excellence, inviting everyone to succumb to its unrivalled charm.

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Foglie d’Oro, or the art of producing inimitable parquet floors!

The company’s success is no accident! Foglie d’Oro parquet floors are so popular thanks to a policy of transparency and trust! This Italian company stands out for its unwavering commitment to offering products of incomparable authenticity and originality. By guaranteeing its customers and partners unrivalled quality, the company emphasizes the certainty of origin, authenticity and durability of its products.

Whether strip, antique, jumbo floor, herringbone, geometric or inlaid, Foglie d’Oro parquet floors are all distinguished by their variety of formats and the customization options offered to customers. Beyond their elegance, they are true sources of inspiration for unique interior design, combining aesthetics, exclusivity and comfort. You can create countless customized combinations by combining these varied formats. What’s more, you can mix wood patterns with other noble materials such as metal and marble. As you can see, the products offered by this Italian manufacturer are genuine invitations to creativity and harmony of materials for exceptional interior spaces.

Parquet flooring 100% made in Italy!

The authenticity of the Made in Italy label is an indisputable value on which the Brotto family has built its identity. Thanks in part to the integration of new technologies throughout its production chain, the company can assure its customers and partners that every parquet floor it produces is indeed made in Italy. This guarantee is more than just a label. In fact, it covers every aspect of the manufacturing process, from processing to the composition of the flooring, in compliance with the most stringent standards in force in Italy and Europe. The least we can say is that this commitment to certifying the irreproachable origin of its products, eliminating any risk of counterfeiting, is paying off! The result is parquet floors of exceptional quality, both close to aesthetic perfection and unfailingly durable, offering customers a unique, long-lasting experience.

Coatings synonymous with durability and transparency

From the outset, the company has been committed to carefully selecting the most precious wood species, with the utmost respect for the environment. Foglie d’Oro parquet floors are therefore distinguished by their composition in wood from FSC-certified forests, which are committed to the sustainable and responsible management of forest resources, following planned cutting practices and natural regeneration methods. Transparency and traceability are key priorities for the manufacturer, who aims to guarantee rigorous verification at every stage of the product’s life cycle, from tree origin to final location. Any purchaser of a Foglie d’Oro parquet floor can therefore access detailed information demonstrating the product’s sustainability, as well as compliance with health and work ethic standards throughout the production chain. So don’t wait any longer and succumb, like so many others before you, to the excellence and aesthetic appeal of a Foglie d’Oro parquet floor!