Which floor to choose for an industrial kitchen? 2024

Which floor to choose for an industrial kitchen?

Do you want to renovate your kitchen in an industrial style? Inspired by a New York loft, spacious and with high ceilings, industrial decoration has become an essential decorating trend.

With large open spaces and a rustic, modern and warm atmosphere, these decors are not lacking in charm. Take inspiration from our decorating ideas to reproduce this welcoming, sober, colourful and bright space.

Which floor to choose for an industrial kitchen? 2024What kind of kitchen decoration for an industrial style?

An industrial kitchen makes it possible to harmonise contemporary and vintage styles. This sought-after atmosphere is composed of decorative elements made of raw materials, such as stainless steel, aluminium, concrete, stone, brick or solid wood. This adds considerable character to the place.

With a certain amount of creativity, salvage becomes a key part of the interior design of the industrial-style kitchen. Old school chairs are transformed into bar stools, an old workbench becomes a large dining table and a wine crate serves as a shelf. The central island is also often the result of recycling furniture. In this way, every object can be turned around and given a second life.

Shelves serve as practical and aesthetically pleasing open storage space for crockery and cutlery. It is also possible to store recipe books or everyday products in jars.

To add a little more charm to this functional, large-format space, dedicated to entertaining guests, vintage lighting fixtures create that little extra decoration. The colour palette of an industrial-style kitchen consists of dark shades. Shades of black, balanced by numerous skylights, such as a glass roof and bay windows.

A wall-mounted advertising plaque here and there, a sink with a retro mixer tap, or plants as wall decorations add to the perfection of the space.

Cuisine style industriel | Massimo Cuisine industrielleWhich floor covering to choose?

Which floor to choose for an industrial kitchen? 2024

In order to complete the industrial style of your kitchen, it is necessary to pay great attention to the floor and wall coverings.

As far as the wall covering is concerned, you may be lucky enough to have a natural stone or brick wall. If this is the case, then there is no need to make any changes. However, if you are not so fortunate, there are several ways in which you can give your walls a makeover. For example, you can simply give them a brush stroke, opt for wall tiling, or choose the solution of imitation stone cladding.

It is also possible to do just the credenza and leave your walls as they are. Moreover, if the walls have a few imperfections, you should know that this is very much in demand in an industrial-style design.

To be true to the authentic spirit of the industrial style, your floor should be matt and not shiny. It should also give the impression that it has been lived in, thanks to its aged appearance.

Once you’ve decided on the right flooring solution for your needs and desires, make sure that it is not only decorative but also easy to maintain.

Waxed concrete floor or vinyl floor

Concrete flooring is without a doubt the most suitable solution. Opt for a dark colour, which will only add a little more character to the room.

If waxed concrete is not an option, vinyl flooring can be chosen. It too should be preferred in dark colours and can even produce that concrete effect.

Aged oak flooring

To stay in the industrial style, the floor should have an aged wood look. It is important to avoid light-coloured wood or wood that looks too new. These are more suited to the Scandinavian style.

Tiles and cement tiles

How do you choose your tiles to match your industrial style? Simply by repeating the two previous ideas. Indeed, there are many models of concrete effect or imitation wood tiles.

For cement tile lovers, it is possible to match them to your interior decoration. In this case, it is better to opt for a plain dark colour, more in keeping with the loft feel.