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What are the trendy colours for a kitchen in 2023?

The kitchen is a living space in its own right and is becoming an increasingly important part of interior design. Gone are the days when we were content with rustic brown wooden furniture and a tiled credenza. Today’s kitchens are decked out in their finest finery, daring to use colour, taking care of their style and following the latest trends.

Do you want a new look for your kitchen? Let’s discover the trendy colours for a kitchen in 2023.

Green in the spotlight

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The plain white kitchen is losing momentum, the trend is towards colour. Green is particularly noticeable in celadon and sage. This applies to the whole house.

Celadon green is a timeless, fresh and delicate blue-green. Using it in kitchen furniture helps to make the atmosphere more soothing. There is nothing to stop you from playing with light and dark shades such as khaki or bottle green.

For a contemporary kitchen, combining plum with celadon green will give a well-balanced warm-cool impression.

This atypical green also works well as a credenza. Light wood and white should then accompany it for an all-round style. Brass finishes are perfect for accessorising.

The more daring can combine celadon with raspberry, powder pink, burgundy or duck blue.

Sage green, which is slightly greyed out, goes perfectly with solid wood, as it adds a touch of lightness. Zellige-style earthenware, used as a credenza, catches the light well. With this type of splashback, the best choice is a retro bronze-effect kitchen tap.

Be careful, sage green is not recommended as a total look. It is better to work with white. As is often the case, the colour green changes the luminosity. Choose sage furniture with a light wood worktop, a white credenza and copper accessories, for example.

Rectified tiles, i.e. with regular edges, give a more contemporary look. A whole wall can be tiled in sage green, as it is a very soft and natural colour.

The combination of verdigris and sage green works wonders. It is the ultimate in elegance, provided that the effects are well balanced. In this case, only a few touches of sage green are used in a predominantly mineral grey environment.

Whether it’s a Scandinavian or industrial kitchen, natural or sophisticated, designer or classic, green always finds its place, either in small touches or for all the furniture in the kitchen.

Cuisine URBAN Cuisiniste 06 & 83 | AS DesignOther trendy colours

Not everyone likes green and it doesn’t always match the rest of the decor. Rest assured, there are other colours that are just as trendy, depending on how you want your kitchen to look.

The colour block trend is making its mark in 2023. Launched on Pinterest, it was an instant hit. The idea is to combine two or three colours per block. Flashy, cheerful shades such as lemon yellow or neon orange and more sober brown, terracotta or ochre. The combination of several colours can quickly turn into an error in taste. It is therefore essential to remain consistent by choosing a matching palette.

You can also opt for pale grey kitchen furniture which gives a soft and sober feeling. A cocooning effect guaranteed!

White and black remain the classic colours for a minimalist, simple or modern kitchen. Matte black is more suitable for an industrial decor with a wooden worktop and shelves.

Lacquered red is the most beautiful colour for the fronts of a designer kitchen. It adds warmth, especially if you choose a lot of stainless steel elements: hood, sink, taps, American fridge and even worktop and credenza. Red, used alone and in a large kitchen, can appear too aggressive. It is best to soften it with white or wood.

The Nordic style is still in vogue. Light wood kitchen furniture is therefore not out of fashion, but dark woods such as walnut are more in vogue. Bamboo is also popular, especially for worktops.

As you can see, in 2023, colour is everything!