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Kitchens by AS Design in Nice

AS Design, kitchen shop in Nice has selected for you several types of kitchens to help you find the best products on the market to satisfy an ever more demanding clientele. Demanding in terms of budget but especially in terms of innovation. AS Design’s main motivation was to combine an attractive price with finishes that are mainly found in the top of the range. He managed to find, after having made comparisons including with the large distribution, custom-made and equipped kitchens with finishes and options with prices defying competition. His secret is more than 25 years of experience at the service of his customers in order to offer them kitchens at the top of the technology with kitchens without concessions.

Kitchen well-being

Throughout my professional career, I have always made it a point of honour to ensure that the kitchens I offer my customers feel good. Kitchens are undoubtedly the headquarters of the house, the place where all the members of the family spend time. I offer you my sharp inspiration to arrange your kitchen in the best possible balance. The right proportion for each space remains for me the key to a successful kitchen. Years of experience have allowed me to understand that when a kitchen is installed with good ergonomics, the first thought of customers is “now that I see it in real life I understand your philosophy better”. The layout of your kitchen becomes obvious and it takes on its full dimension. As my career progressed, I continued to refine my knowledge of space design, particularly with the golden ratio, which is a treasure in architecture. Indeed, I integrate the best proportions in the implementation of my kitchens thanks to this magic formula.

Customisable kitchens

Every home, every person and every family is different. In the same house or place I can offer several different layouts. I don’t talk about models or colours but about different layouts according to each case that comes before me, after a rather thorough discovery of the habits of each person I propose the kitchen that corresponds to my clients. I draw the kitchens with a special ruler that I have elaborated especially for me, a pencil and an eraser for the first step, not with a computer but by hand. This may seem old-fashioned or archaic, but I guarantee that it is the best way to interact with my clients. The exchange must be fluid, that’s why for the first draft I work in a traditional and authentic way as my fathers taught me. Once the layout is validated, the computer software takes over to give you 3D plans made by computer. I work this way because computer technology in the field of space design should never take over the inspiration and creativity of the human being.

We use sensory materials for our kitchens

I have always enjoyed using all kinds of materials in my kitchen designs. When I show a colour or a material to my customers I always make them touch and feel the interaction between the person and the product. It’s a question of balance to feel better in your environment. There are a multitude of materials and finishes in our shop such as wood, lacquer, glass, metal, copper, pewter, stainless steel, polymer, concrete, stone, ceramic, granite, marble, resin, quartz, old wood, etc. Each material has a story to tell you, you choose the theme, and I compose it.

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