Kitchen Valcucine | Genius Loci

Valcucine Genus Loci kitchen the place for customisation

This kitchen is the most innovative on the market. It has the largest base unit carcasses that any manufacturer can offer. The worktop is at a conventional height, but the slim 6cm high plinths and 1cm thick worktop allow for maximum storage space. This kitchen has an ergonomic design that even allows for a drawer on the dishwasher.  This kitchen offers the possibility to vary the drawer fronts in different materials such as copper, pewter, coloured stainless steel, stone, wood, glass, and marquetry of different minerals. The Valcucine Genius Logi kitchen can be combined with the New Logica, Air Logica system. The depth of the worktops can vary from 40cm, 50cm worktop, 60cm worktop, 70cm worktop and 80cm worktop.