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If you’re looking for decorative panels to add a decorative touch to your living space, you’ve probably already heard of BENCORE brand panels. Find out more about BENCORE and the products it offers.

All you need to know about BENCORE decorative panels

BENCORE, an Italian company, was founded in Carrara in 1999. From the outset, the company specialised in the development of an innovative technology aimed at producing thermoplastic composite panels with a honeycomb structure. These panels combine different elements. They are light, rigid, stylish and transparent.

These panels were originally manufactured to be used as reinforcement for other materials (such as marble and natural stone). These panels were then used for their aesthetic and structural advantages. The teams then worked more specifically on transparent composite panels and named their range Starlight. The professionals worked mainly on this range, developing it for the design and interior architecture sector. Seeing each product as a starting point for many new developments, the teams then came up with other ranges such as Lightben and Hexaben, the latest response to the market. A new series is also available: Ecoben.

Among the innovations introduced by the brand, innovative materials are at the heart of its research. The brand manufactures and markets materials that use top-of-the-range technologies, but also offer a high level of quality and aesthetic appeal. The innovative technologies used are all patented and made in Italy. Composite panels in thermosetting resin with a honeycomb structure are very popular.

Today, BENCORE works with a wide range of professionals, from architects and planners to general contractors, providing them with tailored, turnkey solutions. The brand’s products can now be found all over the world.

The BENCORE ranges

The brand has therefore introduced several product ranges to serve interior design professionals. These sandwich-structure composite creations feature two layers of transparent and translucent finishes in a variety of materials and colors.

What’s particularly appreciated about these decorative panels is their extreme lightness. They are also extremely robust. The ranges presented are very comprehensive and offer many possibilities. They are therefore versatile products that can be installed in a variety of interiors.

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of decorative panels.

The Starlight range: the ultimate in rigidity

The Starlight range is based on a highly rigid, transparent composite panel. It is extremely lightweight and has a very elegant design. These panels can be used in a wide range of applications: partitions, raised floors, false ceilings, doors or even tables. Starlight offers composite panels with a macrocellular inner structure in SAN or polycarbonate (Starlight extra). The transparent sides are made of methacrylate. The geometric pattern of the honeycomb core creates a unique aesthetic. This panel is very easy to cut. You can complete the look with profiles, frames, handles or hinges. If you wish to install a panel from this collection on floors, a non-slip, scratch-resistant finish (STARLIGHTFLOOR) is available.

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Lightben, luminous innovation

Lightben features composite panels with a plastic honeycomb core. The central core consists of cylindrical polycarbonate cells. Methacrylate sheets complete the outer layers. Satin or gloss finishes are available.

Featuring a unique structure, the panels react to light according to the angle of view. This gives them a semi-translucent effect, ideal for backlighting. A variant, Lightben Kaos, also offers a composite panel, only with cylindrical core cells. Applications include ceilings, doors, tables and partitions. These panels are easy to cut. They can be finished with a variety of profiles and accessory systems such as frames, handles and hinges. Versions complying with B1 fire regulations are also available. An acoustic version is available, for use in areas requiring soundproofing. This range can be used for visual merchandising, trade fair stands and interior architecture, as well as furniture and partition panels.

Lightness and transparency with Hexaben

Another range, Hexaben, comprises composite panels in aluminum for the core and acrylic (or PETG resin) for the outer layers. The hexagonal cells have a diameter of 9 mm. The honeycomb core was originally created for the aerospace industry. This collection presents BENCORE’s lightest panels. Here again, the semi-transparent effects are particularly interesting, especially in the satin versions (whether gloss or matt). Applications include ceilings, doors, partitions and tables. These panels are easy to cut and can be finished with standard profiles and systems such as frames, handles or hinges.

Bordbar: infinite creative possibilities

Ecological sustainability with Ecoben

The Ecoben range consists of composite panels with a honeycomb core made from overlapping layers of corrugated recycled cardboard. These are laminated on both sides with copolyester or acrylic. The surface layer is given a clear or satin finish. Applications include partitions, doors, tables and shelving.

Elegance and flexibility with Honeycom

Honeycom panels feature a honeycomb structure and high transparency. These panels can be used as partitions or movable walls. They can be used as partitions or movable walls, to widen the vision of spaces and give depth and breadth to a room. They provide a particularly minimalist, high-tech aesthetic. These panels separate spaces without blocking vision, and diffuse light. They are an added value for flexible spaces.

Invision innovation

Invision panels feature a clean, uncluttered design. An innovative technology is employed: the Designpanel. The panels are made of polyester resin (PETG) and are opaque. Various three-dimensional decorative patterns are available, to suit any space.

BENCORE systems

The brand offers two systems for professionals. One is the Zero system. This is a modular window and door system for businesses and private premises. Light is reinterpreted and becomes the central element of decoration. The system uses an aluminum profile available in a wide range of colors. The system is suitable for all BENCORE series. These systems make it possible to build walls consisting of one or more modules ranging in height from 2.10 to 3 meters. They integrate perfectly with existing walls, even if these are made of other materials. They can also be used as stand-alone walls, up to 3 meters high.

Another available system, the One-two-three is particularly suitable for sliding or swinging doors in business and private premises. This system can easily meet specific style and space requirements. An extensive range of colors and finishes is available.