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Valcucine kitchens by AS Design in Nice

Each of the Valcucine kitchen collections has been created with the man and woman who will use the kitchen every day in mind. Valcucine has thought about their well-being and their needs, creating products that contribute to the pleasure of everyday life. Modern, design and innovative kitchens made to last for generations, impervious to trends, timeless. Enter the world of Valcucine with AS Design in Nice.

Features of Valcucine kitchens in Nice by AS Design

Discover below the essential features of Valcucine kitchens presented by AS Design, kitchen designer in Nice.

“Logica System” of Valcucine kitchens

At the heart of your home is the kitchen, a convivial space par excellence that we design for you, constantly innovating the shapes, materials, functionality and resistance of our models.

Valcucine has been a leader in the kitchen sector for over 35 years and continues to strive for excellence in order to offer you the kitchen model that suits you and to make cooking an extraordinary experience every day. Each collection has an advantage, a “plus”, it improves ergonomics and the use of space, for an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

This is how the “Logica System” was created in the 1990s. The innovative and ergonomic system has a fitted back panel, large drawers and wall units with lift-up doors that make working in the kitchen easier because everything is within easy reach.

Over the years the wall units have evolved into the “New Logica System and Air Logica System”. These systems combine aesthetics and functionality and are able to contain and conceal, if necessary, all the equipment you need in the kitchen. At the forefront of innovation, Valcucine created the first 100% recyclable kitchen in 2006, thus consolidating its position as an eco-responsible manufacturer. Well-being kitchens with a contemporary design, modular, made for you!

Customisable Valcucine kitchens

An extractor hood can be placed in the upper part of the door, which is hinged by means of a counterweight located on top of the door. The lighting of this space is done by the bottom of the cabinet which allows, thanks to the glass shelves, to have a total lighting in the whole space. The lower part of the unit slides behind the base units to provide access to a second storage area. This second area can contain the tap, drainer, knife holder, spice rack, comfort socket, iPad holder, hook etc.

The perfect integration of kitchen cabinets with ergonomics increases their performance and makes their use an exceptional experience. This is why our closing and opening movements are so smooth. The height, weight and depth are planned according to the specific needs of the user, improving visibility and simplifying every movement, from accessing tall units to gripping doors. The proportions and functionality are designed to maximise ease and safety of use.

Valcucine kitchens use sensory materials

Beyond aesthetics, the materials used in Valcucine kitchens offer a sensory experience through the soft transparency of glass, the touch of wood, the resilience of stone and the precious pleasure of metals.

We design kitchens that contribute to the consumer’s daily comfort and freedom of movement; functional kitchens that meet the requirements and needs of those who use them. Kitchens with textured materials that are free of toxic and harmful elements for the user and the environment. Dynamic kitchens that adapt to the user’s needs and are easy to use.

The well-being of Valcucine kitchens

Gabriele Centazzo, Valcucine designer, has created the New Logica system. This is the most revolutionary innovation in the kitchen furniture sector in the last 25 years. Indeed, we have not seen such functional and aesthetic ergonomics in the field of kitchen equipment. The New Logica is a system that eliminates the need for a tall cabinet with a credenza as in most kitchens today. New Logica has combined the two spaces into one. First of all, the wall units are replaced by a storage volume that is hidden behind a door that is hinged by means of a counterweight located on top of it. This door is made of 4mm thick glass and can be 360cm wide in one piece. When handled, it is as light as a feather.

Valcucine kitchens come with a 10 year guarantee

Durability and reliability are what make our kitchens truly unique. We offer all our customers the option of extending our standard warranty to 10 years, ensuring protection of the entire product, including glass lids and doors and all hardware.

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