Contemporary kitchen

Design of a contemporary kitchen by AS Design

The kitchen is not just a place where you prepare food. It has become a major asset for people wishing to sell their property. It is also a place where people like to relax from morning to night. You cook there, of course, but you also have breakfast there, share cooking tips with your family, wash the dishes, have an aperitif with friends… In short, you spend a lot of time there. And as such, the kitchen deserves to be carefully designed and decorated.

Imagine the perfect kitchen, functional and modern

Creating the kitchen of your dreams is not always easy. You have to take into account the layout, which should make life easier for the users, but also the style to feel good.

You can do research on the internet and spend a lot of time deciding what is best for your room. You can also simplify your life by entrusting your project to a professional kitchen designer who will take into account the specifics of your room and your tastes and requirements.

To create a kitchen in a new home or to renovate your outdated kitchen, to optimise space, to design a made-to-measure space, this expert will imagine the most suitable solutions to create your dream kitchen.

Both craftsman and designer, he will take into account the entire project, assisting you in the choice of colours, furniture, appliances and of course the overall layout of your room. He can modify your room by involving plumbers. He can break down walls to open up your kitchen.

In short, he is the conductor of your room to make your project a reality.

How to transform your room into a contemporary kitchen?

First of all, you have to take into account the specificities of the place. How much space do you have? What elements cannot be moved (boiler or hot water tank, window…)? Once these criteria have been taken into account, the kitchen designer will first of all install the activity triangle. This area is very important in a kitchen. It is, in fact, the area that will set the tone. It is, let’s remember, the area comprising the worktop and storage, the cooking area and the washing area. These three areas should be set up in such a way as to provide excellent communication so that you don’t waste time.

Once this area has been placed on the plan, it will also be necessary to determine what your daily needs are. What appliances? What storage space?

These elements are the basis of a user-friendly and pleasant kitchen. But they are not everything. And the kitchen designer knows this. He continues his project by studying your taste in decoration to create a perfect space.

Because style is crucial in creating a contemporary kitchen.

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The kitchen: a modern and stylish room

First of all, you have to choose the style you want.  The choice of colours is very important in creating a contemporary kitchen. When you enter a room, the first thing you see is the atmosphere and the colours of the walls and equipment.  It is therefore important not to make a mistake.

The contemporary kitchen requires certain colours. White is a safe bet and you can be sure you won’t go wrong. It has the added advantage of bringing in light and enlarging the space.  It can be combined with black for a beautiful modern effect. It can also be combined with other colours such as the very modern blue. You can choose the shade you prefer. It can be duck blue, grey blue, teal, royal, night or azure. You can then dress one of your walls in this shade or adopt furniture in this shade. Coloured furniture is an excellent alternative and adds modernity.

To get off the beaten track, why not turn to green, which has become very popular in recent years. It can be a beautiful water green, a pastel shade that goes perfectly with contemporary kitchens. Sage green or celadon can also be used. Your walls will be dressed in a delicate water green that you can combine with touches of grey, blue, yellow or even old pink. This colour is also perfect with black. You can therefore choose dark furniture.

These different shades will be complemented by metallic touches. We have already mentioned stainless steel. This one remains a safe bet but it should not invade the space. It is used in small touches only. The other trend for a modern kitchen is to use elements in copper or gold. For example, you can opt for a copper tap or a gold metal pendant.

The choice of materials is also important in creating a contemporary kitchen. The star of this style is undoubtedly wood, which you use for your furniture but also for the central island. You can then combine it with stainless steel. Stone can also be used for a stylish contemporary kitchen. Choosing a marble worktop is an excellent idea. The credenza can also be dressed in quartz, for example, or concrete.

The choice of furniture, a must

The furniture should have a designer look to fit in well. The star of this type of kitchen is obviously the central island. You can also opt for a bar. High chairs are then essential.
The other furniture will have to be both discreet and showy! It’s not as simple as that. That’s why it’s best to ask a kitchen designer for advice. He will be able to suggest the perfect piece of furniture. It can be a huge sideboard that covers an entire wall. For a successful style, it will have invisible handles. This is the discreet side. When you look at the furniture, you don’t immediately see what it is and think it is the wall. The geometry of the furniture is pure. Rectangles are the order of the day.  Do not hesitate to install large rectangular blocks that will structure your room. Appliances should also be discreet. You could opt for a built-in refrigerator, which is completely invisible. Prefer high-tech equipment that will blend in well with the contemporary feel of the room. Home automation can also be used in your room. Contemporary kitchens are often synonymous with connected kitchens.  This is also part of a very modern kitchen.

The contemporary kitchen fits the room perfectly

One of the characteristics of this type of kitchen is that it takes into account every specificity of the room. It will be perfect in a large room but can also be installed in a smaller room. Your kitchen is installed in a sloping space. Optimise it with low furniture. Its dimensions are particular, adopt made-to-measure furniture.

Clever furniture is also king in a contemporary kitchen. For example, you can find a minimalist drawer unit that fits in well with the small space available. Don’t forget that the furniture should create a compact block that will “fill the empty spaces”. This is essential.

The decoration, you must also think about it

Even if the contemporary kitchen remains sober and functional, it also deserves to be decorated to enhance its appearance.

This type of kitchen is generally open to the living room, dining room or dining room and must therefore be in perfect harmony with the other rooms. In addition to the colours, you can also combine the decoration of the two rooms. Include plants for a beautiful and contemporary green effect. Your decorative objects should be coordinated to give a perfect visual effect. Very clean lines are ideal for this type of kitchen. However, a new trend has emerged in recent years: a return to the authentic. Beautiful wooden objects can be integrated in the best way possible, as well as superb crockery that you will not hesitate to display (the Shelfie trend has come to the fore).

As far as lighting is concerned, you can adopt spotlights in the ceiling which play on discretion to perfection. You can also succumb to the charms of a floor lamp that creates a nice link between the living room and the kitchen.

You can also create a more original contemporary style. For this, dark grey (an almost black grey, a dark anthracite grey) will dress your walls, ceiling and furniture. You will opt for a tap, also in grey tones (steel, or old iron). A few decorative objects will be integrated on shelves illuminated by spotlights. To bring style, the bottom of the shelves will be dressed in a lighter grey. You can then choose a beautiful dark wood to bring elegance. As for lighting, play on originality. Opt for simple blue-green hanging lights. Choose, for example, three of different sizes to be installed above the central island. Add a ball of the same shade to a shelf and you have a stylish contemporary kitchen.

As you can see, few colours are used to create this space but they are carefully chosen to create a soft visual without being neutral. This is one of the values of the contemporary kitchen. Everything in the kitchen must have a purpose.

Contemporary kitchen: extra details?

In order to enhance your designer kitchen, certain details should not be overlooked. For example, the worktop. Forget about thick elements that do not fit in with this style. The worktop must be thin, it is a basic. You should therefore select models with a maximum thickness of 2 cm (as opposed to 5 cm for classic models). The worktop should not have right angles in order to be perfectly in tune with current tastes. You should therefore choose rounded edges. The small thickness of the top will require much more resistant materials. You should therefore turn to quartz, granite or marble. Are you on a tighter budget? Ultra-compressed laminate could be an excellent solution.

The quality of the elements that are to be installed in the kitchen is also of great importance. Low-quality items do not go well with this style of decoration. It is therefore essential to choose very high quality furniture, appliances, lighting, crockery and decorative objects.

The contemporary kitchen can seem, to some, cold. Even if you choose colours that appeal to you, this may not be enough to personalise the room.  For a kitchen that reflects your image, you can place one or two objects (no more) that you like. Choose beautiful design objects to give the space a strong character. This could be a vase, a piece of designer furniture or a designer light made in a limited edition, for example.

Don’t hesitate to contact a well-known kitchen designer to create a contemporary kitchen that is trendy, ultra-functional and to your taste. This is the easiest way to avoid wasting time and to be sure of a faultless room that you will use with pleasure for many years.