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What are the advantages of using a kitchen designer to create your kitchen?

Do you dream of a beautiful new kitchen that is easy to live in? The kitchen is a central room that needs to be functional on a daily basis. Such a project requires creativity, technique and know-how. A kitchen designer is able to assist you at every stage of the design and installation of your kitchen. How and why should you choose one?

Criteria for choosing a kitchen designer

Depending on your project and your budget, you may need a kitchen designer who :

  • delivers and installs the furniture he sells.
  • Draws up the plans for your kitchen and manages the various aspects of the project.
  • Offers you a real service by taking an interest in your lifestyle and tastes.
  • Offers you tailor-made advice adapted to your project (materials, choice of furniture colours, etc.).

Provides you with a quality service and guarantees.
The prices of a kitchen designer correspond to several criteria

The range of kitchens and the brand chosen (affordable or top-of-the-range kitchen)? The importance of the work you are entrusting to him (standard kitchen or original, made-to-measure kitchen), the size of the project (surface area of the room, number of pieces of furniture to be fitted, appliances to be integrated and duration of the work), all the services offered (design, fitting, delivery, accessories and guarantees, etc.)

The kitchen estimate

It must integrate all these different factors. The best thing to do is to meet the AS Design kitchen designer in Nice for an initial interview. This will allow you to determine with him the style of kitchen to be installed according to your financial possibilities. The kitchen designer often benefits from advantageous rates on household appliances. He takes care of the after-sales service for the equipment supplied. He often handles repairs in the event of appliance breakdowns.

During a second appointment, the kitchen designer will ask you to provide him with a plan with the measurements of your room to be fitted out. He will then be able to show you concretely what your future kitchen will look like thanks to 3D software. If you wish, the kitchen designer can come to your home to take the exact measurements of the room. He will design a customised or 3D project with you. This is a significant advantage offered by a kitchen designer who is an expert in his field.

Once this stage has been completed, a final estimate will be drawn up. This must include the detailed amount of the services provided as well as the general conditions of installation and the GTC (general conditions of sale).

The work on the kitchen

A kitchen designer supervises the necessary work and manages the work schedule. He coordinates the subcontracts with the craftsmen. He takes care of setting up and fixing the furniture in the right place. He integrates the household appliances and connects them to the various water, gas and electrical outlets, etc. He must also check that all the household electrical equipment is working properly. This prevents you from being confronted with unforeseen events or last-minute problems.

Guarantees for your kitchen

In the event of disagreement about the quality of the furniture or services, you have the possibility of taking stock and expressing reservations on the day of delivery. A kitchen designer is committed to you. He is ready to intervene again until you approve the work done. You can then pay the balance and obtain the completion certificate.

By trusting a serious and certified kitchen fitter, you can avoid problems with installation, coordination and management of the work. You can talk to them and get serious and well-informed advice. You benefit from the experience and know-how of a craftsman specialising in a particular trade. In the event of a dispute, you have guarantees and recourse to obtain complete satisfaction.