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How to design a modern kitchen?

You’ve just moved in and now you want to design your modern kitchen. Whether you are starting from scratch or already have some ideas, here are some tips to help you. The kitchen is a space not to be neglected. You’ll need to go there several times a day to eat. It is therefore important that it is correctly laid out to guarantee optimal comfort.

Choosing a room layout

To design your modern kitchen, think about the layout of the room. The layout will vary considerably depending on the size of your kitchen. You will need to focus more on the available space and determine the space you will use. You will determine the layout that suits your room. You can choose between an I-shaped, L-shaped, U-shaped or parallel kitchen.

If you want a kitchen that is open to the living room, choose the I-shaped kitchen, which is linear in style. In the case of a complex kitchen, choose an L-shaped kitchen. If you want to install a main island, you should opt for a U-shaped kitchen. With a parallel kitchen, you double the space with a linear layout.

Cuisine moderne DOMINA | AS DesignDrawing up a 3D kitchen plan

Once you have chosen the layout that suits you best for your modern kitchen, it is worthwhile drawing up a 3D plan of the room with your kitchen designer. This plan will help you to better project yourself by immersing yourself in your future kitchen. You will then be able to determine the best configuration to put in place. The advantage is that you will be able to see the advantages and disadvantages of your initial idea and adjust it. All types of kitchens can normally be modelled. Feel free to visualise your worktop, for example by adding kitchen furniture.

Opt for safety

When designing your kitchen, make sure you comply with safety requirements. The dimensions of the furniture must be adapted. In particular, you should make it easy to move around the space.

Keep a minimum of 70 cm in front of your furniture. The best height for your furniture is between 85 and 95 cm. For the refrigerator, dishwasher and oven, allow at least 90 cm to allow you to move around better. The lighting fixtures you choose should be moisture-resistant for safety reasons.

Pay attention to the room’s brightness

The brightness of the kitchen is an element that should not be neglected. For a comfortable modern kitchen, functional lighting is essential. One trick is to install lights in the right places in the room. The idea is to place them where activities are more concentrated. This could be the worktop, the hob or even the sink.

The models vary and you can choose a ceiling light or pendant lights depending on your preference.

Cuisine SPRING Cuisiniste 06 83 AS DesignChoosing the right colours

The colour scheme is a great asset for a harmonious space. Choose a kitchen with subtle colours. There’s nothing better for preparing delicious meals with friends and family. To avoid an excess of colours, limit yourself to a maximum of three colours. Take into account the entire space: walls, floor, worktop, furniture, kitchen ceiling, etc. If you prefer a warm and friendly style, opt for warm tones: red, orange, yellow, etc. However, if soothing and relaxing atmospheres are your favourable environment, opt for more delicate colours: light grey, taupe, etc.

The wall covering

The interest of walls is the direct impact they have in a room. If you want to decorate your kitchen, a solid colour will be enough to enhance your space. A dark colour will also highlight the furniture in your kitchen.

The materials used

The materials used should be easy to clean. It must be equipped with components that are resistant to splashes and dirt. It is therefore advisable to use tempered glass for your coverings, and wood, granite or quartz for the worktop. Carpeting on the floor is not recommended for practical reasons. However, prefer imitation wood tiles.

Some ideas for decoration

Your kitchen is a living room. It must therefore be convivial. For more modernity, think of using decorative elements. These could be rugs, for example. Hanging pictures on your fridge is a well-known and popular trick.

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