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Experts in furniture and accessories, the BD Barcelona brand offers items that are designed differently. Combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology, the brand has created designs that we all love, and that will brighten up your rooms with a modern touch.

BD Barcelona Design in a few words

BD Barcelona was founded in 1972 by Pep Bonet, Cristian Cirici, Lluis Clotet, Mireia Riera and Oscar Tusquets. A group of young architects and designers set out to break with convention with their creations. These different elements, whether furniture, decorative objects or accessories, all have a particular sensibility in common. This led them to rethink everyday objects in new ways. The company first adopted the name BD Ediciones de Diseño.

Some of the biggest names in Spanish design have worked for the brand, including Alfredo Haberli, Jaime Hayon, Ross Lovegrove and Ettore Sottsass. The resulting style is strongly oriented towards the art of design. Above all, the designers want to break away from conventional patterns. They want to offer something unique to the furniture market. Above all, they are proposing a new vision of the art they associate with the furniture market. Production is limited, and this catalogue offers solutions for extraordinary interior and exterior furnishings. There are also lighting systems and decorations for the home, as well as vases, mirrors and candleholders.

The BD Barcelona catalogue presents solutions that break away from the traditional logic of the furniture sector. Their primary aim is to give spaces a personal and unique feel. These items are designed primarily for residential spaces, but also for professional use. The range includes sofas, armchairs, chairs and benches, tables, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, etc.

BD Barcelona Design has been inspired by art on several occasions. The Leda collection pays tribute to the painter Salvador Dalí. It is a world-exclusive reproduction of the master’s designs. The Calvet line is inspired by Antoni Gaudi.

This brand emphasises irreverence and sometimes even desacralisation, in both formal and conceptual terms. Its design approach is based on the architect’s mentality. Above all, BD Barcelona Design considers the needs of each individual, and imagines the right project for them. And this has enabled it to make a name for itself in the eyes of many. It has won numerous awards. In 1990 it won the European Design Community Prize and in 2011 the Red Dot Design Award. In 1989, it received the National Design Award. It has also received numerous Gold Deltas from ADI FAD.

BD Barcelona Design creations

The Spanish brand has designed a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture. These include armchairs, benches, deckchairs, sofas and outdoor tables. These pieces feature unusual structures and shapes that are both whimsical and ideal. They add value to any space. The brand has also created collections dedicated to urban design. These include seating, benches and planters for public green spaces.

BD Barcelona Design has also set up a sector that reuses the leftovers generated during production processes. In this way, the brand will give new life to these leftovers and do its utmost to protect the planet by reducing waste.

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Throughout its history, BD Barcelona has retained its non-conformist spirit. It works with world-famous designers and collaborates with future professionals. As a result, it is able to surprise with surprising ideas. With a touch of humour, innovation, respect for the classics, and a great deal of talent and innovation, the label is constantly coming up with new pieces that enhance our interiors with talent. The designs are made in Barcelona itself. It works for private customers as well as hotels, offices and restaurants. The brand is now present in over 60 countries, and can be found in design boutiques and art galleries alike. It is a leading avant-garde brand that has kept in mind its original conscience: a blend of artistic and creative elements with functionality. This Spanish design publisher is known for being terribly arty, and this comes across in its creations.

Some examples of BD Barcelona accessories and furniture

The Spanish brand’s creations include the legendary Dalilips, directly inspired by Dali’s sofa. The label owns the exclusive marketing rights to this red sofa featuring the lip shapes for which the artist is famous. The sofa was created in 1972 by Oscar Tusquets to decorate the west room of the Dali Museum in Figueres. The piece is produced using the polyethylene rotational moulding technique. This gives it a slightly delicate feel. You can sit comfortably on the sofa and sink into it. It’s one of BD Barcelona’s key pieces, and can be seen everywhere as a symbol of the brand’s top-of-the-range style.

The Monkey coffee table was designed in 1974 by Jaime Hayon. It is part of the Gardenias collection. It has a strong personality, elegance, romance and versatility. Combining functionality and beauty, this coffee table is equally at home indoors or out. Made from concrete, it’s a beautiful and entertaining piece.

The Casa de Familia bottle was designed by one of the best-known and most mysterious artists in Catalan architecture: Josep Maria Jurjol. This expert’s combination of imagination and creativity is astonishing. In particular, he worked with Gaudi. In 1912, he designed this bottle, a simple, elegant piece that showcases all his artistic talent. BD Barcelona has faithfully reproduced it. The sculptural function is brought to the fore with this incredible object, which will be a centrepiece in a living room for storing flowers or in a kitchen for everyday use.