Custom-made kitchen

Creation of a custom-made kitchen by AS Design in Nice

Are you looking for a customised, designer and functional kitchen?

Whether you are a private individual or a professional, our team of expert kitchen designers will install your custom-made kitchen with furniture in customised finishes and colours. Thanks to our wide range of furnishing solutions, our sole objective is to make your projects a reality to match your inspiration!

Discover our expertise and services. Entrust us with your project. Enjoy your new made-to-measure kitchen!

Your tailor-made kitchen made to your specifications

The role of the professional kitchen designer

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It must be practical, modern and perfectly designed. Only a professional kitchen designer has the technical skills to ensure that your custom-made kitchen reflects your inspiration.

The design of your kitchen made to measure

The kitchen designer draws up a detailed plan of your project, while respecting your heart’s desire!

Therefore, we attach particular importance to respecting the architecture of the space to be fitted out as well as the existing interior decoration.

But also, we propose you several styles of kitchens.

The luxury and contemporary kitchen brings a very high quality touch to your custom-made kitchen. With refined storage units carefully selected for their fine materials. Do you prefer a fitted kitchen designed in an industrial style? In our shop, you will find a kitchen that subtly combines wood and metal. Two noble and warm materials whose character underlines all the originality of this living room.

The urban kitchen, on the other hand, meets your needs for a simpler layout, with trendy colours and a reasonable budget. Our role, as a kitchen designer, is also to offer you all the solutions adapted to your needs.

That’s why our kitchen catalogue includes show kitchens. It is in this wide range of used kitchens at low prices that we guarantee you real savings!

Do you like to share convivial moments with your guests, while enjoying the beautiful days?

Our kitchen designer service installs your custom-made outdoor kitchen. Whether on a terrace, under a veranda or in a pergola, your outdoor kitchen becomes a real convivial space!

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A functional worktop in a made-to-measure kitchen

One of the most important pieces of equipment in a fitted kitchen is the worktop!

It is important to cook comfortably on a sufficiently large and safe surface.

But it is also very important to our kitchen designers that your kitchen is designed in a harmonious way.

A made-to-measure worktop

A worktop is essential for preparing food, lining up plates or storing small appliances.

Our catalogue has worktops designed with a high quality manufacturing method, but also models that perfectly match your kitchen furniture.

Whatever your interior design inspiration, our kitchen models are also fully modular

Have you considered an island?

Placed in the centre of your kitchen, an island is a piece of furniture in its own right. Practical for having breakfast with the family or sharing a warm aperitif with friends.

Our kitchen experts will help you design your kitchen to suit your needs. Especially since our island models can be installed with or without storage units.

The kitchen: a pleasant family room

The sweetness of a house inevitably comes from the kitchen! Indeed, it is in this room that the most beautiful memories of a life take root: the tasty aromas of meals concocted with passion, Sunday breakfasts with the family or even the ambitious plans to become a star chef!

Make your dreams come true in your kitchen

All the kitchen models we offer in our shops are designed to meet your inspiration.

The furniture is available in a wide range of colours. From trendy to traditional.

But also, choose your storage furniture from our generous collection and have the kitchen of your dreams installed, just as you have always imagined it!

A design space for cooking

The kitchen as a living room

What would a house be without a kitchen?

Every room in the house has a key role. The kitchen is the place to prepare meals, but also, depending on its configuration, to eat.

Our role is to make the kitchen as comfortable and functional as possible. This is achieved through the choice of each piece of furniture that makes up the kitchen, but also through the colour palette that gives it its charm.

In this respect, we can help you define the colour and design of your kitchen.

The importance of the colour of a kitchen

Colour expresses the whole atmosphere and spirit of a place. Especially in a house.

Indeed, a colour that is consistent with the interior design of the home results in a structured and soothing uniformity.

Your custom fitted kitchen!

The installation of customised kitchens is our speciality!

As passionate kitchen designers, we will accompany you in your project. And to do this, we put all our skills at your service, whatever your project:

We install top-of-the-range kitchens, offered in a collection of exceptional colours and furniture.

We also fit out mid-range kitchens of the highest quality. With a wide range of fashionable colours and a price to match.

But also, because the comfort of your home is our priority, we offer you a collection of entry-level kitchens. Your kitchen will be the envy of your guests, as it is composed of contemporary and particularly aesthetic furniture!

For the installation and fitting of your customised kitchen, contact us now and receive a free estimate. Or come and choose your future kitchen from our collection in our shop in Nice!