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OF Outdoor Kitchen: professional outdoor kitchens at AS Design

Discover OF Outdoor Kitchen, an Italian kitchen manufacturer with over 20 years’ expertise in the manufacture of top-of-the-range outdoor kitchens. Renowned for its constant innovation and the exceptional quality of its products, OF Outdoor Kitchen has established itself as a benchmark in the world of outdoor kitchens. Now a partner of OF Outdoor Kitchen, AS Design offers you a perfect blend of Italian craftsmanship, innovation and customisation to create unique and luxurious outdoor culinary spaces.

The OF Outdoor Kitchen product range

The OF Outdoor Kitchen product range exemplifies excellence in high-end outdoor kitchens. This comprehensive collection offers a variety of appliances and accessories designed with professional precision to meet the highest expectations in outdoor cooking.

Highlights include grills, barbecues, pizza ovens, modern fridges, functional sinks… The professional equipment on offer also includes integrated dishwashers, top-of-the-range hoods, stainless steel or stone worktops and built-in chiller cabinets.

Every element of the range reflects a commitment to aesthetics, durability and functionality, making OF Outdoor Kitchens a compelling choice for those seeking an exceptional outdoor dining experience.

Top-of-the-range Italian know-how, OF service and guarantee

In addition to its impressive range of outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories, OF Outdoor Kitchen stands out for the exceptional quality of its services and guarantees. The company offers complete expertise in the design and installation of outdoor kitchens, using its professional know-how to create functional and aesthetically impeccable outdoor spaces.

OF Outdoor Kitchen’s customer service is on a par with its premium products, offering attentive, personalised support every step of the way. What’s more, the commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in guarantees, ensuring long-term peace of mind for those who decide to purchase an OF Outdoor Kitchen.

Whether for design, installation or after-sales support, OF Outdoor Kitchen has positioned itself as a key partner for AS Design in creating exceptional outdoor kitchens.

OF outdoor kitchens: durability and professional sturdiness in your garden

OF Outdoor Kitchen kitchens are resolutely top-of-the-range. The quality that is evident at first glance in each kitchen, made from durable materials such as stainless steel and stone, is now renowned throughout the world and favoured by many chefs for their private receptions or cooking workshops. These modular, easy-to-install kitchens are often featured in television competitions and festivals.

These kitchens are designed to withstand the elements and variations in temperature all year round, and offer unrivalled durability and robustness. The OF product range extends to a variety of appliances and accessories, to meet every need and budget in style. In addition, OF Outdoor Kitchen’s customer service and guarantees underline the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction, offering a complete and luxurious experience for those seeking the ultimate in outdoor kitchens.

OF Outdoor Kitchen outdoor kitchens are designed for easy assembly and cleaning. The professional materials used allow for easy maintenance, and each kitchen comes with an assembly and maintenance manual so that nothing is left to chance. So you can enjoy your outdoor kitchen for many years to come.

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Personalise your OF Outdoor Kitchen down to the last detail

OF Outdoor Kitchen is a world of customisation possibilities to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, truly adapted to your outdoor lifestyle.

All models are fully customisable in terms of style and layout, giving you the flexibility to integrate your kitchen perfectly into your outdoor environment. For example, it can be perfectly adapted to your garden, terrace or balcony.

With OF Outdoor Kitchen, customisation goes beyond aesthetic details. Indulge yourself and design every aspect of your kitchen, from finishes to accessories, according to your preferences. OF’s philosophy is based on the idea that everyone can create their own outdoor lifestyle, and this is reflected in the wide range of finishes, colours and innovative materials. Materials such as embossed, lacquered, distressed, vintage, satin or natural stainless steel can be applied to almost every element of the kitchen, including side panels, back panels, plinths, worktops, bases, grooves and leaves, giving you complete customisation.

In addition, OF Outdoor Kitchen offers a range of carefully designed accessories to make your outdoor kitchen even more functional. From the numerous drawers with compartments to the induction hob, deep fryer, oven, sink, tap, column or undermount fridge, dishwasher, integrated bin compartments… every detail has been thought out to meet your specific needs and create an uncompromising outdoor cooking experience.

Italian design at the heart of your evenings, from garden to balcony

OF Outdoor Kitchen’s outdoor kitchens offer a wide range of configurations and possibilities, transforming your outdoor space into an unparalleled place of conviviality.

Whether you’re looking for a stylish barbecue for your modern garden, a professional kitchen for memorable gourmet evenings, or even a compact solution for the balcony, OF Outdoor Kitchen offers options to suit every need, and AS Design will help you realise your project.

Imagine lively evenings grilling under the stars, creative cooking workshops with friends and children, all gathered around an outdoor kitchen designed for functionality and aesthetics.

Whatever configuration you choose, OF Outdoor Kitchen outdoor kitchens are designed to create unforgettable moments, and transform your outdoor space into a place for meeting and celebration.