Bordbar design furniture

Design furniture made from recycled aircraft equipment Bordbar

AS Design has teamed up with BordBar, an expert in furniture made from recycled aircraft equipment, to create an original ambience in an interior that is both designer and luxurious.

BordBar: Recycled aeronautical furniture with a unique design

Founded in 2006 by designer Stephan Boltz, BordBar is an innovative brand whose idea is to transform used aircraft trolleys into top-of-the-range designer furniture. Since 2008, the company has also been manufacturing its own trolleys under licence.

Under the joint management of Stephan Boltz and Valentin Hartmann since 2008, BordBar is based in Cologne and has an extensive international distribution network, establishing partnerships with retailers in Germany, Europe, China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the USA. BordBar products are now available from AS Design. In direct contact with the manufacturer, we offer a personalised service for each of your projects.

BordBar: authentic aircraft bar trolleys

BordBar’s components were originally aircraft trolleys, transformed by recovering and recycling second-hand trolleys from all over the world. But the difficulty of acquiring trolleys used worldwide led to the in-house production of new models from 2008. Since then, BordBar has turned the corner by manufacturing new trolleys to the standards of a real aircraft trolley, while retaining the distinction between new and used editions.

Each vintage model is meticulously dismantled and reassembled by hand in Cologne. Authentic traces of wear are left as they are.

The recent models meet the same aeronautical standards and have the same characteristics, the same quality of manufacture and the same durability. They are made mainly of aluminium and stainless steel, to combine lightness and robustness, two characteristics that are essential for intensive use on board real aircraft.

As proof of this quality, BordBar offers an exceptional 30-year guarantee on its products.

Bordbar: A wide range of customisable models

BordBar trolleys stand out for their exceptional design, making them remarkable and eye-catching pieces of furniture.

Available in a range of models, colours and functions, BordBar trolleys give you the freedom to configure each piece you order to suit your interior and personality.

Customisation is a key feature of BordBar furniture, with the possibility of displaying the logos of airlines such as Lufthansa and Pan Am.

With the emphasis on customisation, BordBar trolleys allow everyone to adapt the furniture to their design preferences, whether by choosing models that have already been used in flight, with traces of use or new models. High-quality materials such as stainless steel and aluminium ensure exceptional durability, backed up by BordBar’s 30-year guarantee.

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BordBar: board your luxury lounge

BordBar fuses contemporary aesthetics with functionality, creating spaces imbued with sophistication, authenticity and luxury. With a touch of aeronautics thrown in for good measure.

These portable bars, redesigned from old aircraft trolleys, become interior design highlights. The marriage of top-of-the-range materials such as leather, precious wood and stainless steel creates a unique aesthetic.

BordBar kitchen furniture

Thanks to our extensive customisation options, you can transform your BordBar furniture into a stylish and original piece of kitchen furniture. You can add a worktop, chopping board, stainless steel containers, etc. to create a unique, practical and mobile kitchen unit. Leave it in the kitchen or take it out into the garden for barbecues and summer evenings.

A piece of aviation history, right in your own home

BordBar furniture embodies a fascinating fusion of aviation’s glorious past and contemporary interior design.

Transforming old aircraft service trolleys into functional decorative elements, BordBar brings a piece of aviation history into your home. Each trolley, with its distinctive aeronautical look, tells a story of travel, high adventure and in-flight service.

These unique pieces evoke nostalgia for the days when trolleys were used to refuel passengers on long-haul flights, adding a touch of authenticity and exclusivity to the living space.

BordBar furniture is much more than a decorative object, it is a silent witness to the glamour and elegance that have marked the history of aviation, now reinvented to bring all the essence of aviation to your contemporary interior.

Bordbar: infinite creative possibilities

BordBar stands out for its remarkable versatility, offering endless possibilities for use. With a little imagination, its recycled aircraft trolleys will become essential elements of your daily life. Some pre-assembled sets are even available on request.

Wine or cigar cellars: transformed into wine cellars, they preserve vintages with elegance, while converted into cigar cellars, they preserve and showcase your precious modules.

Designer wardrobe and practical office: convert your BordBar into a trendy wardrobe, a designer shoe rack or modern office furniture. When configuring your BordBar, you can select the number of shelves and drawers you want to include.

Flight cases and hi-fi equipment: musicians will quickly see this as a flight case to protect and display their favourite guitars (many professionals actually use this system to transport their instruments on tour). Finally, music lovers won’t want to miss the opportunity to use their BordBar as a rack for their hi-fi equipment.

Original minibar or coffee cabinet. Thanks to the new LED models, the possibilities are even greater: why not create a modern minibar with a look that’s as original as it is authentic? BordBar furniture is also an excellent idea for housing your espresso machine, percolator and all your barista equipment.

A range of unique BordBar accessories

A wide range of accessories is available to personalise or enhance your BordBar cabinet. Individual drawers, shelves, comfortable leather seats, cutlery compartments… Create your own unique piece of BordBar furniture. All the accessories and equipment are designed with the same concern for quality and sturdiness. The BordBar logo and the materials and design used for all the equipment contribute to the unique visual signature of the ensemble.