How to choose your kitchen designer? 2024

How to choose your kitchen designer?

It is the soul of the house, the place where we eat our meals, where we receive our friends. The kitchen is an integral part of our daily lives. That’s why it has to be unique. Convivial, design, practical, we want a kitchen that looks like us. How do you choose your kitchen designer? Discover our 3-step instructions for carrying out your project with complete peace of mind.

Defining your budget for your future kitchen

Cuisine de luxe au design personnalisable 1This is the basis! Thinking carefully about your budget for an investment that will impact your daily life for several years to come is essential. Be careful not to rush into anything so that you don’t miss out on the kitchen of your dreams and regret it later on. You can avoid missing out on a top-of-the-range model or options that you can afford by taking care to analyse the situation cold. A budget of €30,000 offers completely different choices than a budget of €5,000. The size of the kitchen, the materials, the equipment selected, the worktop and the fittings to be made will all lead to higher or lower costs. Opting for solid oak, marble or waxed concrete has a different impact on your budget.

The same applies to the choice of equipment: pyrolysis oven, second oven, designer hood, range of dishwashers, etc. Your budget should be seen as a means to achieve a project that will determine your daily life, not as a hindrance. It can be regrettable to cut back on this budget in a hurry and to go back on it when it is too late. Indeed, once the kitchen is installed, changing your mind and installing a new one is much more expensive than making the choice of an investment that suits you from the start. The kitchen is one of the places that attracts potential buyers. So, by choosing a unique kitchen, you are investing in your enjoyment of life while enhancing your assets. To avoid any regrets, you may wish to apply for a bank loan and discuss with your banker your maximum financial package.

Understanding the different types of kitchen designers

The range is so extensive that it is difficult for a neophyte to find his way around! There is a vast choice between the major retail brands selling kit kitchens, chains of specialist shops and independent craftsmen and professionals. The smallest budgets are often wrongly attracted by the large-scale distribution and the low-end models. The specialist chains vary, some offering low cost models, others high end. The craftsman or independent professional can give the false impression of an uncontrolled budget.

Cuisine Valcucine Logica Celata Bar | Cuisiniste Nice - AS DesignIn reality, he is a professional with passion and know-how. They work on a smaller scale, favouring tailor-made solutions and human relations. Of course, there are different types of freelancers, but for the most part, the prices charged are consistent, because you have to look after your reputation to continue working. The prices are transparent, they reflect the quality and the work done. AS Design, kitchen designer in Nice, works with an Italian factory and offers prices that are as competitive as those of the major retailers.


Entrust your project to the selected kitchen designer

Some unscrupulous professionals will present you with kitchens at astronomical prices before making a proposal that fits exactly within your budget. These same people will be quick to make you sign an order form without even giving you time to think about it. These dubious business practices should scare you away! There is no rush and you have the right to make comparisons before committing to a project that will impact your life for years to come. Orienting yourself towards experts who listen to your wishes and needs is the guarantee of a more respectful collaboration based on mutual respect and trust.

Being patient is the key to ensuring a unique, quality kitchen that meets your desires. Take the time to study the materials, the plans and the layout proposals according to the layout of your kitchen. Ask all the right questions and take your time before making your choices. Investing in a kitchen is a long-term commitment. It is best not to rush into anything! Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project.