Focus on the Italian brand valcucine, the rolls royce of kitchens 2024

Focus on the Italian brand valcucine, the rolls royce of kitchens

Design lovers should know about Valcucine. For thirty-five years, the world-renowned Italian brand has been dedicated to presenting excellence in kitchen design. Noble materials, pure and timeless design, state-of-the-art technology – these are the fundamentals of the company, which is constantly striving to satisfy its customers and to innovate for a remarkable result.

A choice of exceptional materials for a unique kitchen

Valcucine wants to put the kitchen at the heart of the home and reveal all its charms. It is no longer a room that is closed off from the public eye; the kitchen becomes a convivial place where life is good.

The materials used to manufacture the elements are of incomparable quality. The Italian brand was the first to use fully recyclable glass panels with the aim of achieving zero waste in the design of the product. The glass panels are assembled according to ancestral processes, and combine elegance and finesse thanks to inlays worthy of the goldsmiths of marquetry. Some models offer alloys of fossilized oak wood from the Mediterranean Sea. The stainless steel is specifically treated with a varnish to prevent the deposit of fingerprints on the surfaces.

Cuisine Valcucine Artematica en laiton vieilli et plan de travail en pierre Gris Antalya | Cuisiniste Monaco | AS Design

Timelessly pure design, elaborate simplicity

Valcucine kitchens are designed to be perfectly ergonomic in order to meet the expectations of its customers, but the brand does not neglect the care it takes with the style and modernism of its designs. Each kitchen has a minimalist and sober design and strives to bring its products to the essence of beauty, which is purity. The elements merge into airy blocks, the doors are slimmed down to a few millimetres in thickness. The colours are chosen according to a colour chart based on respect for harmony. The quality of Valcucine kitchens also lies in the perfect union of the work of designers and technological craftsmen.

Ultra-contemporary technology for unfailing functionality

Cuisine Valcucine Artematica Pigmentus | Cuisiniste Cannes | AS DesignValcucine wants its customers to live in its kitchens. Every detail has therefore been designed to combine ease of use and technicality. From the gravity opening of the extractor hoods with a counterweight system, to the honeycombed wood for the storage units, to the built-in units for dishwashers and refrigerators made of aluminium to ensure perfect resistance to water, the Italian brand has innovated in terms of ingenuity for an ever more efficient result. Valcucine considers that the whole family has a place near the oven: the engineers therefore wanted smooth door closures. The rounded edges of the profiles and edges ensure maximum safety for children and a sliding worktop protects against cooking fires. A Valcucine kitchen is definitely a guarantee of reliability and excellence. A mark of absolute perfection.