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How to choose the decoration of your kitchen?

A kitchen is a space in which a certain atmosphere must reign. As the heart of the house, the kitchen deserves to be decorated. Taking care of it is therefore very important. Decorating the kitchen is just as important as decorating the other rooms. Preparing meals, having an aperitif with friends, learning to cook; these are all good reasons to pay attention to your kitchen décor. A kitchen that is healthy, attractive and as pretty as possible makes people feel good about themselves and their families. It influences our mood, our concentration and our sense of well-being. Arts such as Feng Shui can help to achieve a rather interesting decoration of your kitchen.

How to proceed for the success of this decoration?

Cuisine Valcucine Logica Celata Bar | Cuisiniste Nice - AS DesignAS Design, a kitchen designer in Nice, says there are several factors to consider when decorating a kitchen. First of all we have the choice of colours. Colour is the very basis of kitchen decoration. Being a good vector in the creation of atmosphere, colour transforms and harmonises. Knowing how to choose your colour is as important as the furniture or the layout of your kitchen. With the right mix and match, you can create a beautiful decoration that everyone will appreciate.

There are five (05) criteria to consider when choosing a colour that you will never tire of. They are sobriety, contrasts, classics and makeovers. Try not to use more than three colours in your kitchen. This is not a good idea as too many colours in the same space will severely damage the balance of the whole.

The colour of the kitchen should also be chosen according to the role you want it to play in your home (to be more open and welcoming than the living room, or to be dedicated solely to preparing meals). You should also define the colours of your tiles and your credenza (the piece of furniture or part of the sideboard where dishes, precious dishes and serving objects are stored during the meal) in the same way. Use greedy shades such as lemon yellow for the floor tiles and credenza. They are ideal for the kitchen environment.

Other inputs for good decoration

Think also of colourful accessories such as a fruit bowl, a vase or even a flower pot; they will make very good decorators.

The choice of materials also matters a lot when decorating your kitchen. There are many possibilities for kitchen furniture materials. The choice of your furniture also determines the atmosphere of the room. We have stainless steel, wood… which are good materials. But they must be chosen according to the main colour of the kitchen without forgetting the cost.

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