Mistakes not to make when renovating your kitchen 2024

Mistakes not to make when renovating your kitchen

Does your old kitchen need to be updated or do you simply want to change your style? It is possible, but for a successful renovation, there are some mistakes to avoid. Let’s see what they are.

Neglecting functionality

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A kitchen is useful, it is used to prepare meals. Some people spend a lot of time in the kitchen to cook good food, while others only spend time in the kitchen to eat on the run. But for both, a kitchen needs to be practical and functional.

A basic rule to know: the triangle rule. The three key points of the kitchen: the sink, the fridge and the hob should be installed close together so that everything is within easy reach. The sink on one side, the cooking in the middle, the fridge at the other end. This rule has proved its worth in terms of interior design. Its purpose is to avoid unnecessary movement, whether the kitchen is linear, U-shaped, L-shaped or parallel.

The washing area should ideally be placed near a window, at least 60 centimetres away from the cooking hobs. The cold zone should be close to the storage cupboards to save time when unpacking groceries. The hot zone should be secured as a priority. This is where pots, pans, baking dishes, utensils and potholders are stored. There should be enough work surfaces next to it to be able to put a pot of boiling water on the table in an emergency, for example.

Not enough storage space

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Kitchen cabinets are not only used to store dishes and cooking utensils, but also household products, food, bottles, rubbish bins, tea towels, etc. It is easy to underestimate the number of cupboards needed, sometimes for fear of overloading the space. In addition to the traditional wall and base units, why not add a few decorative but also useful elements, such as small shelves. Kitchen designers now offer well thought-out furniture interiors: modular dividers, selective waste bins, sliding towel racks, cutlery trays, plinth drawers, half-moon baskets for corner units, removable sinks and many other things to optimise storage.

Not taking the budget into account

Renovating your kitchen requires a certain amount of investment. It is therefore important, beforehand, to put a price tag on your project, taking into account your needs and desires. Then try to reconcile your requirements with the budget available. The mistake not to make is obviously to rush into a renovation without having drawn up a list of the elements to be changed and their price. Remember also to include painting, tiling, electrical upgrades, plumbing connections, etc., which can quickly become very expensive.

Forgetting about lighting

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Even if your kitchen has windows and seems very bright, it would be a mistake to forget to light it properly. Artificial lighting is necessary, of course in the evening, but also on bad weather days. General lighting, neither too glaring nor too dim, enhances the entire kitchen. It contributes to the decoration and atmosphere with the many chandeliers, ceiling lights and pendant lights on the market. The cooking hobs, the food preparation area and the sink require precise and more intense lighting for better eye comfort. Don’t skimp on light points!

Installing too few electrical sockets

Depending on the number of appliances in your kitchen, you should connect each appliance directly to a socket, some of which are special for large consumers, such as ovens, hobs or dishwashers, for example. And don’t forget the small appliances that you regularly plug in, such as kettles, toasters, electric mixers, etc., in addition to coffee machines, food processors and the like.

Therefore, make sure you have enough sockets. They should be accessible and located in the right places. You can opt for a socket strip that is recessed into your worktop, which is more discreet. Respect the NF C 15-100 standard for the safety of your home.

The kitchen is an important room in the home, especially if it is an integral part of the living room. It then plays an aesthetic role in addition to its practical aspect. Renovating the kitchen requires careful thought and calling on a kitchen designer like AS Design can help you avoid making mistakes.