The different materials for your kitchen worktop 2024

The different materials for your kitchen worktop

Depending on the situation, the kitchen can be a place of transit or the centre of a real passion for budding or experienced cooks. The multi-purpose worktop can be made of different materials with advantages and disadvantages depending on the lifestyle.

Kitchen worktop materials and their durability

Cooks who are always at the stove want to be able to place a hot pan or a dish from the oven directly on the worktop without thinking. Marble, lava stone, granite or tiles are therefore preferable to wood and glass, which are very sensitive to heat. Quartz can withstand high temperatures, but direct contact may cause it to crack or warp.

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If you like to play with a knife, granite, resin or marble are insensitive to scratching. Laminate, glass and stainless steel, on the other hand, mark easily and require the systematic use of a cutting board.

The presence of children or several occupants can make the impact resistance sensitive. It is therefore advisable to avoid wood because of the risk of cracking, as well as glass and earthenware, which can break.

To ensure that your kitchen is always impeccable, avoid porous surfaces such as unglazed concrete, marble and untreated lava stone. Even the smallest drop of wine or coffee can be absorbed and stain the surface permanently.

Care of the worktop for daily use and long-term preservation

Many materials are easy to maintain with a little soapy water, but more aggressive products are sometimes needed for a thorough cleaning. Vinegar will be effective against limescale on stainless steel surfaces and on glass and wood for fingerprints. Laminate, granite and concrete, on the other hand, do not tolerate any corrosive products that could damage them. Finally, some materials require additional maintenance to maintain their shine and increase their life span. For example, it is advisable to varnish wood regularly and to maintain it with linseed oil.

A variety of worktop materials to suit all kitchen styles

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Most materials are available in many colours, such as laminate, resin or tiles. Other coverings play on their appearance, such as concrete, which can be poured, waxed or rough. Wood comes in different colours depending on its species and marble can be veined, plain or speckled.

The materials will also harmonise with your lifestyle. For a warm atmosphere, wood is preferable because of its naturalness, as well as glass which delicately reflects the light. For a more luxurious look, marble is recommended, as well as concrete or granite for their contemporary and refined look.

The use of a kitchen professional can advantageously complete this presentation to obtain personalized advice adapted to your own interior.