What are the kitchen trends for 2021? 2024

What are the kitchen trends for 2021?

With the health crisis, the kitchen has found a new place in the heart of the home. From being a baker’s apprentice’s workshop during confinement, to a secondary office for working, the kitchen is now a central living space in its own right. In order to feel at ease in this multi-functional room, AS Design shows you the trends for 2021 to create a kitchen that suits you.

A decoration turned towards nature

Cuisine style industriel | Massimo Cuisine industrielleLe premier critère d’achat d’une cuisine est généralement esthétique, et c’est bien normal : nous y passons tellement de temps qu’il est essentiel que cette pièce soit à notre goût.

This year, when the need to focus on the essentials has become paramount, the trend is to return to nature. The idea is to be able to recharge one’s batteries while remaining at home. Mineral and raw materials such as wood, stone and marble are popular and will give your kitchen a touch of character. They are also warm materials whose naturalness encourages serenity. Whether you want a more traditional kitchen or an industrial style, these materials fit perfectly into any design.

To add a little colour to the room, 2021 is the year of green! Available in pastel or darker shades, green is the colour of calm and nature. It is a soft colour that will blend perfectly with light or darker surfaces and create a serene atmosphere.

To give an even more natural effect to your kitchen, don’t hesitate to add even more greenery with shelves for your plants. As for materials, wicker is back in force this year and will add a warm touch to your lighting and furniture.

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A functional kitchen

Cuisine occasion Valcucine Genius Loci & New Logica System

Combining beauty and functionality is possible! With so much time spent in the kitchen, it is essential that it is practical and organised.

High-level storage units will allow you to optimise the space of your kitchen to easily store your dishes and other kitchen utensils. For a minimalist and uncluttered style, opt for furniture without handles. For a harmonious and practical kitchen, more and more people are opting for built-in appliances, which also save space.

Ideal for cooking, having a drink with friends or working, the central island is a great asset for a functional kitchen. With its spacious surface area and the possibility of storage spaces, such as cupboards, drawers or even a wine cellar, the central island allows you to optimise your kitchen by limiting the number of movements.

Every good cook knows the importance of kitchen accessories and their accessibility. Install hooks and rods to store and access your kitchen tools more easily.

Today, the focus is on the importance of adjusting our consumption patterns to protect the environment. You can adapt your kitchen to your sorting habits, with spaces dedicated to waste recycling, as well as to your bulk jars.

A warm and welcoming place

Cuisine URBAN Cuisiniste 06 & 83 | AS Design

As we have said, the kitchen is a place of passage, a convivial space where the whole family goes to do various things. It is therefore important that it is comfortable and convivial.

Depending on your wishes, the kitchen can be open or closed. The perfect in-between solution, still in fashion in 2021, is the glass roof. It brings light and a touch of design to your kitchen, separating the kitchen from the living room or dining room, while opening up the field of vision.

To make your kitchen even more convivial, add a dining area with stools, which can be used for family meals or aperitifs with friends.

If you don’t have a garden or balcony to grow your herbs, make sure you find a dedicated area in your kitchen. Grow your herbs in your kitchen for easy access when cooking.

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Add a little pizzazz to your kitchen with lighted shelves or decorative niches, very much in vogue in 2021. Store your most beautiful dishes, your cookbooks, or other decorative objects.