Choose an open kitchen for a friendly interior 2024

Choose an open kitchen for a friendly interior

To make your kitchen a place for sharing and to consider it as a real living room, the best idea is to choose an open kitchen, to be personalised according to your tastes. Here are a few tips to pick up from these open kitchen worlds, to bring even more conviviality.

Functionality for a generous and harmonious open space

Cuisine Cottage | Cuisiniste Nice | AS DesignDo you want an airy, well-designed kitchen that blends in with the living room decor? The designer kitchen is a good solution to enhance the volumes and free up space. The secrets of a refined kitchen, with fluid lines and highly functional storage units: hide the appliances behind sliding fronts, open up the furniture by combining high and low units and wall cubes, choose discreet door handles and favour a central island filled with clever storage units. Whether it is long, square or integrated into the living room, the open kitchen offers configurations that are perfectly suited to facilitating exchanges: with the preparation and eating areas close together, it is easy and pleasant to chat while cooking.

Colours and materials for a bright open-plan kitchen

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Adorned with the soft, milky shades of water green, soft pink, mauve or pearl grey, the open kitchen can easily be combined with the vintage style of the fifties to immerse you in the nostalgia of an era. Combined with furniture with rounded lines, this space envelops you in a soft atmosphere. To energise your interior, the acidic colours of the seventies, such as lemon, orange or even the refreshing turquoise, can be mixed with furniture with assertive and asymmetrical shapes, in a retro setting. Wood also has its place in kitchen environments, whether rustic or modern. It gives a natural and authentic touch to the place. Thus, the traditional country kitchen can combine wood colours with other materials such as lacquer, glass or aluminium, for an original, bright and contemporary look.

An assertive atmosphere for an open kitchen with a change of scene

Claiming its theatrical character, the baroque kitchen stages decorative objects such as beautiful crockery or glasses, thanks to lighting effects cleverly diffused by niches and other shelves. Combined with rich, majestic furniture and velvet chairs, this type of kitchen invites imagination and confidence. The ethnic kitchen brings a touch of exoticism to your open-plan kitchen space: dark woods combined with the shimmering colours of the furniture compete with imposing fabric or wicker lighting and raw or lacquered wood accessories for an African or Asian atmosphere. Finally, whatever the style of open kitchen you choose, slate walls on cupboard doors, a two-tone floor delimiting the kitchen or a seating area with soft cushions in tonic colours add a playful and very friendly side to this highly convivial space.

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