The wooden cottage kitchen is back in fashion 2024

The wooden cottage kitchen is back in fashion

The cottage kitchen is familiar from American films and English homes. At home, it was rather old-fashioned. But today it is back in fashion, with a modern look, a mixture of tradition and modernity. Let’s take a closer look at this new trend for warm and friendly kitchens.

A warm kitchen thanks to wood

The cottage kitchen used to be all-wood furniture, with heavy mouldings and worktops with small tiles that were not very practical and old-fashioned. Today, the models offered have evolved. Wood is still present, of course, but in a lighter version. Light or bleached, bright, it is combined with smooth worktops. Other models highlight wood through a few key elements. Worktops or credenzas in beautiful natural wood give a streamlined kitchen the warm and friendly touch of a traditional cottage kitchen.

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A kitchen that blends retro with innovation

New cottage kitchens often retain the details of traditional British kitchens: mouldings, shelves, glass cabinets. But they use these elements lightly and sparingly and integrate them with contemporary furniture. Gilded brass handles are given designer shapes, wicker baskets are converted into drawers that blend seamlessly with more contemporary furniture. There are also wooden mesh cupboards that lighten up a sober set of plain furniture. Display cabinets are present in today’s furniture, but with frosted glass or subdued lighting to warm up the atmosphere.

New trend: the cottage kitchen in colour

Cuisine Maglia | Cuisiniste Monaco | AS DesignThe new cottage kitchens are often made of white wood. They can also be found in a mix of natural and white. And some kitchen designers offer cottage kitchens in wood painted in matt black: a resolutely modern effect which at the same time retains the vintage charm of noble wood. You can also find touches of bright colour on credenzas or worktops, which reinvent the traditional kitchen. The latest trend today: lacquered wood, in the oriental style, for a precious and refined look. Or a walnut wood decor, surprising and offbeat.

The cottage kitchen, a modern kitchen

Today’s wooden cottage kitchens offer a design that is in line with current tastes. For example, the furniture can be handleless, which gives the kitchen a feeling of space. Some sleek hoods also provide a stylish contrast to the traditional wood look of wooden furniture. Ultra-modern seating around a blond wood worktop adds a refined touch to a more traditional furniture set.

Wooden cottage kitchens have a future

The new wooden cottage kitchens keep the spirit of traditional cottage kitchens, but without denying today’s fashion and innovations. Design is very much a part of this new trend. With a spacious dining area, they will be of interest to anyone looking for a warm living environment and a kitchen that is a real living space.

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