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How to choose the exposure of your kitchen?

It is not always possible to choose the orientation of your kitchen, but if you are having your house built, it becomes feasible. It is important to know which orientation is best and what are the advantages of this orientation, without forgetting of course the best way to decorate your room to create a perfect kitchen.

How to orientate your kitchen

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As you know, the kitchen is a heat-producing room: you heat up your food on the stove or in the oven. Electrical equipment, including the refrigerator, constantly produces heat. The kitchen is therefore a room that does not need to be heated by the sun, unlike a living room.

It can therefore be placed to the north without any problem. But even if this orientation is well thought out to regulate the heat of the room, it should be noted that the luminosity will be less important than if you decide to orientate your kitchen otherwise.

The east-facing kitchen gets the sun in the morning, which is very pleasant for breakfast. The room is warmer than the others, so there is no problem with this orientation. If you don’t use your room much, this is the perfect orientation.

It is also possible to place your kitchen in the south-east or south. In this case, you will get a lot of sunlight. It should be noted, however, that in the summer, a room facing south can be very hot. The west can then be a good compromise and you will enjoy the sunset during your dinners. However, in very sunny areas, the room will also be very hot in summer. It is best to involve the kitchen designer in the construction of your house.

A uniquely styled kitchen

In order to enhance your food preparation area, it is also important to know how to decorate it. Very often, one or two walls in the kitchen are painted to create a particularly aesthetic effect. But which wall to paint? The orientation of your kitchen can help you find the answer.

Painting a single wall separates the spaces in the room.

Generally, the wall facing the door is painted in colour. You can also choose to paint the wall perpendicular to the main window. Remember to choose a shade that is slightly lighter than the desired effect, as this backlighting will darken the colour.

A painted wall can also allow you to cheat a little. By choosing the right colour, you can visually enlarge a room. And this also works very well with the kitchen. A light colour will structure the volumes. Dark colours tend to bring the walls closer together and thus make a room smaller. In a narrow kitchen, a side wall painted light will widen the field of vision.

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So don’t hesitate to structure your room with colour. In an open kitchen, for example, you can paint the wall near the dining area to accentuate and separate this space with elegance.

If your kitchen is located in the north, you will need to bring in light. To do this, use light colours, especially if the room is small. If the kitchen is large, you can also turn to warm tones that will compensate for the lack of heat. In the south, it is better to choose soft tones so as not to create a room that is too colourful when the sun enters the room.

If your kitchen is in the east, you can also adopt bright colours that will energise the space.

With this in mind, the next step is to choose the perfect colour to enhance your kitchen.

Green is a very popular colour at the moment. It offers a touch of nature and can, if you choose a light colour like verdigris, refresh the space. It is the ideal colour for a contemporary kitchen.

Blue is also a popular colour for kitchens. You can choose a pastel blue to brighten up a northern kitchen or refresh a southern room. Do you prefer a stronger shade? Duck blue is a great choice to warm up the atmosphere in style. It’s a perfect colour for a large kitchen in the north.