Bring light into your kitchen 2024

Bring light into your kitchen

If you like to spend time in your kitchen cooking good food, you know how important it is to have a bright, well laid-out and, above all, functional kitchen! With the right lighting in the right places, you can effectively illuminate specific areas, making it easier to prepare meals.

What kind of lighting for your kitchen?

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The kitchen, often open-plan, sometimes for dining, is a particularly convivial room. When we imagine our new kitchen, we often think of the furniture and the tiles, but we leave aside an essential aspect that contributes to making this living space comfortable: the lighting.

The principle is to combine at least two sources of light: the general lighting of the room and the lighting of the worktop: above the sink, the hob, the storage and preparation areas. A third source of light can also be added, which is more decorative than useful, but which will create an atmosphere or style. The second objective of this type of lighting is to link general and local lighting by creating points of light.

The general lighting in the kitchen should illuminate the whole area, without any shadows. The ideal power level is 300 lux, neither too glaring nor too dark. Choose warm white bulbs. This essential lighting does not replace the lighting of the work surface. These will depend on the size and layout of your kitchen. The recommended power is 500 lux. Prefer bulbs with a CRI (colour rendering index) or RA (ambient rendering) of 100, cool white. In terms of energy saving, it is preferable to choose LEDS or low-energy bulbs.

Whether for general lighting, functional lighting or ambient lighting, there are many perfectly suited luminaires. Let’s take a closer look…

The different types of luminaires

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A kitchen with too much or too little light will make the person working in it feel uncomfortable. Depending on whether or not there is natural light, and also on the size of the room, the lighting should be adapted to ensure that it is optimal.

For general lighting, you can opt for a suspension lamp, a central ceiling lamp, recessed or cabled LED spotlights. The countless chandeliers available on the market offer the opportunity to personalise the room and give it an original touch. Ceiling lights, on the other hand, distribute the light evenly. Spotlights also provide even light and are suitable for long, narrow or small, low-ceilinged kitchens.

If you have a central island or dining area, a pendant light above it will be necessary. The lighting on an island should be well balanced: either one large pendant or two or three smaller ones. If it has a hood, it will provide the main light, possibly supplemented by spotlights in the ceiling.

For worktop lighting, spotlights, strip lights, LED strips, etc. should generally be placed under high cabinets or shelves. The light should be bright and natural.

Also consider lighting the inside of furniture, drawers and glass units with integrated LEDs that light up when the doors are opened. Spotlights on rods can also adorn wall units. Illuminated shelves will give a sophisticated touch.

For accent lighting, you can run LED strips, for example, under the worktop, along the skirting boards or elsewhere, depending on your inspiration.

Make the right choice

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Lighting should be considered before your new kitchen is installed. Keep in mind that kitchen lighting must fulfil at least two functions: to provide a warm general light, neither too strong nor too weak, and to highlight certain important areas such as the sink, the hob and the worktop, which must be sufficiently bright.

Even if a kitchen needs a lot of light, it is not necessary to multiply the lighting, as you risk obtaining an overly dazzling effect that will quickly become aggressive. Conversely, too little light will tire the eyes much more quickly. Relying on unsuitable elements will make this convivial space less pleasant.

With so many options available, it is difficult to make a choice. Professional kitchen designers such as AS Desgin in Nice are familiar with these problems and are able to advise you. Do not hesitate to consult them.