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How to make your kitchen industrial?

Get off the beaten track and dare to show your difference! This is what an industrial kitchen will bring to your flat or house, a change that will surprise your guests and that will lead you to take a different look at this room, often too classic. With the industrial style, you will rediscover this essential room that is the kitchen, and you will love this new universe!

What is an industrial kitchen?

Cuisine style industriel | Massimo Cuisine industrielle

It is first of all a style, an atmosphere and even a concept! Yes, the industrial kitchen is out of the ordinary, because it breaks all the codes. It’s a complete reversal of perspective that allows you to change your point of view on the place that the kitchen occupies in a living space, whatever it may be. It is a surprising style, unlike any other, which transforms the idea we usually have of this room. By taking over the kitchen, designers have really brought about an incredible revival that has led to some absolutely amazing creations thanks to a completely different use of materials.

What materials are used?

Pipes are part of the decor, let’s face it! To be able to hang your towels on copper pipes or to see the air ducts used as decoration on the walls is an integral part of the concept! This is what brings that bohemian touch to the kitchen, giving it that unfinished look that contributes so much to its charm. The lighting contributes to this atmosphere and is also industrial, with its powerful lamps hanging from their metal hooks. Let’s not forget the more minimalist lighting, but always in the same spirit, which completes the strategically placed lighting.

Which furniture is best?

Cuisine style industriel | Massimo Cuisine industrielle

Metal reigns supreme in the chairs, which can be low or high. The same applies to stools, which can be made of raw wood or even cement! Everything is possible, the only condition being that the style must be raw and contemporary. The only condition is that the style must be raw and contemporary. The aim is to mix cold materials with a very pure style with floors or walls in much warmer colours. This is one of the possible options, but you can also consider floors with a concrete look. This is very popular, although porcelain stoneware tiles are often used, which have superior technical qualities to concrete. In this way, the style is similar to that of an industrial loft, but you are protected from cracks, stains and other damage that can occur over time.

Why is the table so important?

Table vieux bois | Massimo Nice

It will be the first thing that catches the eye and it is around it that the decoration will be established. The possibilities are numerous, from the extremely refined glass table to the large solid wood tables that give a rustic look, as in a workshop. The vintage spirit can lead to a recuperation aspect, sometimes with tables with cast iron legs, reminiscent of machines from the past. Anything that evokes a raw, cold and functional aspect, coming from the world of industry, is perfectly adapted to the spirit of an industrial type kitchen. The same goes for industrial furniture with its metal racks and cabinets that will serve as your china cabinet or storage unit. With them, your kitchen will be authentically vintage!

Why is glass so important?

It is the glass that will allow you to structure your space perfectly by letting the light through where it is needed. The glass roof is very fashionable and there is a reason for that: it is completely adaptable, quite simply! Partitioning without depriving yourself of light, that’s why you should ask yourself the right questions, especially when it comes to a loft. This way, you can really make the most of all your spaces and live in them with completely natural light. All the charm of your industrial style kitchen will be highlighted thanks to its judiciously arranged partitions. All you have to do is to place the last elements to complete this kitchen and for this, there is nothing like enamelled plates placed in the right places. These coloured advertising plates, weathered by time, can be found in some flea markets and other garage sales. They will be the final touch to your industrial kitchen.