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What colour to paint your kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the central rooms in any home. It is therefore essential that it is welcoming and decorated according to our desires. A paint colour can quickly change the style of this room. Green, blue, black, white or orange: read on to decide which paint colour to choose for your kitchen!

A kitchen with a natural look

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To have a kitchen that is both clean and modern, there is nothing like green paint. It brings a natural shade to your interior and is reminiscent of the colours of gardens and parks. It adds a touch of nature to your room and goes perfectly with materials such as wood or metal and with designer furniture as well as with classic style equipment.

Painting your walls in mint green freshens up the look of your kitchen. It blends perfectly with light shades of paint. The same applies to the darker fir green. While it is best to combine it with lighter shades to avoid having a room that is too dark, fir green can complement a contemporary and trendy kitchen.

If your furniture is rather dark, opt for khaki green, a soothing colour that can add the finishing touch to a Zen kitchen.

Paint your kitchen for a designer look

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Blue is also a timeless colour for the kitchen. It goes perfectly with a wide variety of kitchen styles. Pastel blue, for example, can brighten up the walls of a designer room. This trendy colour can bring a Scandinavian touch to your interior, if you install a raw wood table or furniture with clean lines. In addition, the advantage of a pastel blue paint is that it gives the impression of a more spacious kitchen, like all light shades.

In general, blue is perfect in combination with unusual furniture, patterned surfaces or patterned decoration. It provides a soft, neutral hue that contrasts with the original accents in your kitchen.

Painting your kitchen duck, navy or peacock blue can make your room even more chic. Combined with metallic appliances and designer chairs, these dark shades are perfect for sophisticated and trendy kitchens.

A sleek or chic kitchen

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Looking for a safe bet? Paint your kitchen white. This timeless colour is suitable for all rooms and styles. It allows you to highlight the different elements that make up your kitchen, such as a worktop, table, hood or refrigerator. Totally contemporary, white paint brings a discreet touch of elegance to a kitchen with a sober and pure look.

White is also ideal for an industrial kitchen. It contrasts with the metal elements in a natural colour or painted black. The colour white comes in several shades, more or less immaculate, bright or broken.

Black is the right colour for an elegant and refined kitchen. It enhances the design of a modern room and can be combined with elements made of natural materials such as a wooden worktop.

Taupe is also a real must for modern kitchens. A taupe paint can soften a black wall or, on the contrary, make a white wall more dynamic.

Ask your kitchen designer for advice, he will point you in the right direction.

Warm shades to liven up your kitchen

Do you want to warm up the atmosphere in your room by making it even more convivial? Choose a warm colour such as terracotta, yellow or orange. These paint colours make any kitchen more dynamic. They give your room a Mediterranean feel and can be combined with a black granite worktop or white kitchen furniture.

For a sunny effect, there’s nothing like painting parts of the kitchen walls in curry yellow. This bright hue catches the eye while adding an exotic and contemporary note to your space. It can also be used with one or two decorative pieces of the same colour scattered around your kitchen for a harmonious look.

And if you’re more of a fan of less vivid shades, you can opt for the colour pastel pink. This colour also goes well with white or darker paint, such as fir green, and adds a warm note to your interior.