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Kitchen: which worktop to choose?

While price, resistance, and sensitivity to humidity or heat remain the determining factors, this is also the time to indulge yourself and add a personal touch to your kitchen space.

Natural materials for your kitchen


Cuisine plan de travail bois | Cuisiniste NiceOak or bamboo, wood, with more or less golden tones, draws unique patterns and brings elegance and authenticity to contemporary kitchens.

As a living material, it requires perfect hygiene and regular renovation of the top protection as well as certain precautions against high temperatures, cutting or use of coloured liquids.

Marble, granite and natural stone

Cuisine plan de travail marbre | Cuisiniste Nice

The investment in these materials is greater, but their subtle patterns and colours, durability and ease of use make them exceptional materials.

Granite is the hardest stone that can be cut directly on its surface. It is easy to clean but requires regular maintenance of the waterproof protection. You will find a marble worktop in our Valcucine kitchen range.

Industrial materials for your kitchen

Melamine and laminate

Economical, they offer good resistance to use and temperature. With a wide choice of colours and finishes, they can be adapted to all kitchen styles.

Melamine, obtained by simply gluing the decorative sheet on the surface, is less expensive but less resistant than laminate. Easy to maintain but without abrasives, they require protection when cutting or at high temperatures.


Ceramic, the king of kitchens, is very robust and insensitive to temperatures, scratches and stains.

It offers a very contemporary design with a wide range of colours, but is still sensitive to impacts, which makes it difficult to work on the edges of worktops.

Mineral resin

Cuisine plan de travail résine minérale | Cuisiniste Nice

This high quality material is aesthetically perfect and imitates stone in a wide range of colours.

Allowing for all kinds of cut-outs, sometimes without joints, the surfaces created seem to form a single block by including the sink in the worktop.

As robust as stone, resistant to shocks and cuts, durable and easy to maintain, mineral resin remains sensitive to heat, abrasives and coloured stains.


With over 90% natural quartz, this material is more resistant but also easier to use than stone.

Non-porous, it is the material of choice that is also resistant to shocks and scratches without special maintenance. With a range of pigments available, it combines aesthetics and ease of use at prices close to those of stone.

Design materials

Glass and stainless steel

Very trendy and design, glass can be raw or lacquered underneath the surface bringing very colourful and bright touches. Completely waterproof and easy to maintain, it remains sensitive to shocks, scratches and high heat.

A leading material for professionals, stainless steel is not affected by water, heat or detergents. Although it has impeccable lines, it is difficult to maintain and sensitive to impacts and scratches.

AS Desgin, kitchen designer in Nice, is at your side to help you choose the best worktop for your kitchen in Nice and its surroundings. Do not hesitate to contact us at 04 93 16 07 07 we are at your disposal to advise you.