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Which kitchen for an old house?

The kitchen is surely the most important place in a house: a convivial space to cook good food and then share it with friends and family. That’s why the choice of your kitchen is crucial to making you feel at home. The more it matches your personality, the more you will enjoy spending time in it. Of course, you should already have your own ideas: the layout, materials, colours, furniture, etc.

However, a kitchen in an old house is not the same as a kitchen in a house you have built. This type of house has its own characteristics and that is why you have chosen it.

Let the light into your kitchen

Kitchens in older houses had very little light. The fewer windows there were, the less the temperature varied with the seasons. However, without undertaking major work, we can bring light into the kitchen, thanks to small tricks.

Chances are that the floor does not match the current trends. Choosing a light-coloured tile seems like a good option to brighten up your room. Just as using a paint with white shades will look great on your furniture to brighten it up or on the exposed beams if you have kept them. Don’t forget to light the sink, worktop and hob. These are strategic areas that need to have localised lighting.

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A hybrid style for your kitchen

When rustic and modern blend to transform your kitchen into an exceptional room. The kitchen of an old house has charm and character. So adding a touch of modernity to it will give it an unparalleled cachet.

High-tech equipment such as an American fridge or an induction hob, as well as the preservation of a natural architectural element such as the exposed stones of a wall, will transform your room into an original hybrid kitchen. A combination of materials such as wood and stainless steel, which are incredibly trendy at the moment, will make your kitchen very welcoming.

When you visited this house, you probably imagined a country kitchen, but not an old-fashioned one either. In order to keep all the charm of this room, it is advisable to keep all the elements that give it its rusticity: exposed beams, stone wall, huge host, period credenza. In fact, by keeping these fragments of your house’s history, you can combine the modern with the old. Dare this atypical mix to create the kitchen of your dreams!

For the decoration, there is nothing better than going to flea markets or garage sales to find objects. Renovated and modernised, these objects will be a plus for your entire kitchen. You can also find a china cabinet and give it a patina finish to give it its old look. Then you can display your finds such as porcelain dishes to make your kitchen more authentic.