Quelle cuisine choisir pour du locatif ? 2024

Quelle cuisine choisir pour du locatif ?

Are you a tenant in your home or do you own a property that is rented out? A beautiful and practical kitchen is essential in both cases. If you are a tenant, it is an investment in quality of life. If you are the owner of the property, it is the assurance of an added value to your assets and an income from rent. Which kitchen to choose for rental? We take stock for you!

A kitchen adapted to each type of rental

Bare rental

If you are a landlord, the law requires you to rent out decent accommodation. For the kitchen, this means that a room, or a corner of a room, must be set aside for cooking. This area must have sufficient natural light, ventilation, a sink, and a connection to an electrical network to allow the use of the equipment necessary for daily life. The tenant himself adds any missing equipment. However, the landlord can decide to equip the kitchen completely. This allows him to increase the value of his property and to rent it out more easily. AS Design, a kitchen designer in Nice, offers a wide range of kitchens in Nice. You are a tenant and you plan to equip the kitchen to your taste without burdening your budget since you are not the owner? Discover our second-hand fitted kitchens for sale.

Furnished rental

Quelle cuisine choisir pour du locatif ? 2024

If you sign a furnished lease, you have an obligation as a landlord to equip the kitchen. In addition to the sink and the water and electricity connection, you must provide essential items for preparing meals: hotplates, an oven or microwave oven, a refrigerator, and a freezer or refrigerator freezer compartment with a maximum temperature of -6°. In addition, you must include sufficient crockery, kitchen utensils, a table and seating, storage shelves, and light fittings.

The tenant can make some improvements, add small furniture or utensils. For example, the occupant may decide to add modular elements, such as side furniture or a central island.

A kitchen suitable for as many people as possible

Choosing a kitchen for others

Whether the occupants are owners or tenants, the kitchen is a central place in the home. For some, it is even the soul of the house. The kitchen should be welcoming, beautiful and practical. Investing in this part of the home is the certainty of adding value, making money or simply enjoying it. The particularity of a rental property is that the people who choose the kitchen and those who will enjoy it are not always the same. As it is impossible to know the tastes of the future tenants, the ideal is to opt for a minimalist and most neutral decoration, white shelves for example. This way, the kitchen appeals to a majority of people. This helps attract tenants. For the owners, this means guaranteed rental income. The occupants can add decoration, colour and lighting.

The desired style

The choice of kitchen depends on the style you are looking for: contemporary kitchen, design kitchen, urban kitchen, industrial kitchen, family kitchen, etc. For a studio apartment, the kitchen is often reduced to its strict minimum and open to the living room. Opting for an industrial or urban style is ideal so that the kitchen area blends in with the rest of the room, which has been decorated in the same spirit. Aesthetics are all the more important if the kitchen is open and an integral part of the living room’s décor. The finishes, colours, furniture and especially the central island must be selected with care. For a property that you are building, it may be wise to play on the exposure of the kitchen by opting, for example, for a south-facing location. And as there is something for everyone, households in large houses will certainly appreciate family kitchens, with many tricks to be as efficient as possible during meal preparation, with safe equipment for the little ones.

Cuisine URBAN Cuisiniste 06 & 83 | AS DesignThe kitchen is a special place. Both landlords and tenants should choose it carefully. Investing in quality furniture and equipment for the kitchen of a rented property will increase the value of the property while ensuring a certain level of rental income.