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What should you expect from a family kitchen?

A large family means a lot of time in the kitchen. You have to prepare good food to satisfy your family. And for this, having a family kitchen is essential. A well-designed kitchen is a must. But how do you create a beautiful family kitchen?

Installing the family members properly

If you have a dining kitchen, it is important to think about where your family will eat. A nice table is then necessary so that everyone feels comfortable and enjoys this gourmet moment of sharing. Opt for a solid table so that you don’t have to change it regularly. In terms of style, wood remains a safe bet, especially as it goes equally well with both rustic and contemporary decorations.

If your kitchen is not very large, you will have to be cunning. You can install an offset central island that will encroach on the living room and save space. A central island with built-in storage can also be an excellent idea to save space and accommodate the family at mealtimes. You can also choose an extendable table. When you’re preparing the kitchen, it’s small, and when your loved ones need to sit at the table, it expands.

Don’t forget the chairs. They should be naturally comfortable.

Work well

Cooking good food for your family requires well thought-out equipment, but also a coherent layout. Beautiful worktops are necessary to be able to prepare food without discomfort. It is more practical to choose worktops that are not far from the cooking area.

Do you have young children who are important to keep an eye on? If you have an open kitchen, it’s easier as long as you arrange your space so that it offers a view of the living room.

If your kitchen is closed, why not consider opening it up? A studio glass roof is an excellent choice for opening up the space to the other rooms. It is also a very contemporary element today, essential in a successful decoration.

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Everything in its place

Storage is also important in a family kitchen. It is indeed necessary to store all the dishes, cooking equipment, etc. You should therefore not neglect the cupboards, which will keep the kitchen tidy and will also add style.

You can incorporate many useful accessories into your kitchen, such as a plate rack, a spice rack or a bottle rack, which offer optimal storage and greater practicality.

Saving space by using the corners is also a good idea. For this purpose, you will find very well thought-out storage units with specific shapes.

If you have small children, choose materials that are easy to live with and easy to clean.

Safety is also important when young children visit the kitchen. So why not consider a kitchen with built-in appliances? Children will not be able to touch the appliances because they are hidden by the furniture.

The circulation within the kitchen itself is also an element to be taken into account. People spend more time in a family kitchen than in a single person’s kitchen. The layout must therefore be faultless to save time. Creating a triangle of activities can be an excellent idea. The three most important areas of the kitchen, the sink, the hob and the fridge, should not be far apart. This will simplify movement. Avoid moving these three areas more than 30 cm apart.

A welcoming kitchen

The decoration of your room is also important to make all family members feel comfortable. The kitchen is a place that combines the living and the intimate. It is therefore essential to think carefully about its decoration to offer the cook a place where he or she feels good, but also to his or her daily guests. You can therefore opt for a monochrome kitchen nicely enhanced with touches of wood. You can also invite colour into your room. A simple coloured wall will bring a very personal touch to your space. You can give free rein to your desires and opt for a saffron yellow, a brick red, a caribbean blue or a very modern lime green. Dressing a wall in a bold colour allows you to visually separate spaces.