Some tips for your kitchen design project 2024

Some tips for your kitchen design project

When you want to invest in a property project, what could be better than to design your own spaces? This allows you to be sure that the rooms in the home correspond to your needs and desires. Moreover, it makes the home special in a way, because you really invest in the design of the rooms and not only in the decoration.

Defining a plan, choosing materials, looking for the best deals, adapting your project over time … How do you design your kitchen? What are the tools and tips to consider for this project? Here are some tips.

Cuisine Variation | Cuisiniste Cannes | AS DesignRespecting the dimensions of the space

First of all, when designing a kitchen, it is not only important to define the available floor space and the structure of the room, but also to identify the elements that you want to include. In fact, it is important to know that when designing a kitchen, the dimensions are not expressed in square metres but in length.

So, depending on the surface area and the structure of the room in which you want to design your kitchen, you can think about what you can do, or adapt your wishes to these precise dimensions.

Cuisine Maglia | Cuisiniste Cannes | AS DesignThinking about kitchen fittings

When we talk about kitchen fittings, we obviously think of all the electrical appliances. Fridge, oven, hob and microwave are all important elements to take into account when designing your kitchen.

Indeed, it is important to think about the space according to what you want to integrate. For example, you also need to think about where to put the sink and the hob. Even if there is no legal distance to be respected between these two elements, a distance of 60 centimetres is generally recommended, in order to avoid a possible accident.

Choosing the style of the kitchen

Open or closed kitchen, central island, bar… There are many possible styles and configurations for a kitchen. This is why, when designing the room, it is also important to express one’s desires in terms of style and configuration, so that the project ends up with something that corresponds to and pleases the main users.

Once the style and configuration of the kitchen have been defined, it might then be logical to think about the materials that you would like to use for the room. Wood, stainless steel, granite… there is a wide range of possibilities, so there is something for every taste and every budget. Fronts, worktops, drawer or cupboard handles, you mustn’t forget anything!

Cuisine Gelata | Cuisiniste Nice | AS DesignCalling in a specialist

Once you have thought about your kitchen design project on your own, turning to a kitchen design specialist seems like a good idea to adapt and adjust the project before finalising it. Even if a user knows what he needs, a kitchen designer will be able to guide his project and advise him on the various aspects involved in designing a kitchen.

Moreover, it may be easier to manage the budget by calling on a professional who will be more at ease with the different prices, whether for materials, suppliers, kitchen components or work.

Finally, the individual will be able to have a global vision of his kitchen. Indeed, a 3D plan is usually provided after the appointment, so that the customer can see the result he should obtain, in order to modify or adjust it beforehand if necessary.