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Why use the services of a kitchen designer to create your kitchen?

More than just a place to prepare meals, the kitchen has become a room where life is good. A central place in our home, a place for family and friends to gather, “the place to be”.

Far from the habits of our grandmothers who spent all their time alone in the kitchen preparing the day’s meals, today we are delighted to enjoy our kitchen and the new gadgets. The way we use it and the value we place on it has changed in recent years. We like to spend time in it, relax, have a drink at the end of the day with our other half, while preparing the meal and performing our parental roles.

The organisation of the space has also become more democratic, allowing several people to eat together in comfort. We also have the choice of having a kitchen open to the living room, which again breaks the isolation of the cook or host from the rest of the family.

Imagine the kitchen of your dreams

Given this state of affairs, it is more than important and necessary to pay special attention to the creation of your new kitchen. Do you already have an idea but don’t know how to go about it or where to start?

In the digital age, there are a whole host of tools that allow you to design your kitchen virtually. Draw, try, erase, start again! Take the time to perfectly imagine the warm place of your dreams.

Today it is up to you to imagine and create it! It’s a case by case process since it depends on your expectations but also and above all on the space available.

One solution: the kitchen designer!

Why hire a kitchen designer?

Using the services of a kitchen designer will allow you to harmonise your desires with the existing constraints. With their many skills, these professionals will listen to you carefully and suggest the right style. The kitchen designer will accompany you from A to Z, from your idea to its realization in the greatest respect of your expectations.

Indeed, when creating a kitchen, it is important to choose the right materials, so that they are adapted to the space and the dedicated use; but also to organize all the elements for a maximum optimization. In this respect, kitchen designers are the best equipped, constantly monitoring new technologies.

Yes, hiring a kitchen designer means hiring a single person for several different tasks (plumbing, tiling, electricity). It also means being in contact with a single person responsible for your property, a single point of contact. He is the guarantor of your future ergonomic and functional comfort. Stop your numerous relationships with different craftsmen, stop juggling dates of intervention, hand over your project to a kitchen designer and he will return your kitchen turnkey.

What is a kitchen designer?

Behind the profession of kitchen designer are hidden many skills. More than a craftsman, he is also an excellent manager. He manages each trade by combining their skills, by matching their interventions. At the same time site manager, commercial and designer, the kitchen designer has more than one string to his bow to satisfy your request. He is the conductor of your symphony!

Initially, he will draw what you want and you will have the opportunity to see his sketches in 3D. This way, you can visualize your future kitchen and adjust your requests. Once the final appearance has been determined, the second step is to take measurements. The kitchen designer will then adjust your request and the available space. He will then canvass builders to get you the best prices. Very often, the kitchen designers already have their network of professionals established.

Finally, the realization of an estimate and its signature will start your new adventure!

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