The design of your kitchen in Nice by AS Design 2024

The design of your kitchen in Nice by AS Design

The kitchen, the central room of a flat or a house, is the place of conviviality, but also of functionality. One cannot exist without the other. In order for a meal to be prepared in good conditions, all the elements necessary for its preparation must be easily accessible and harmoniously distributed. And it is our job to provide everything for this purpose so that you can prepare your lunches, dinners or other agape in the best conditions in your kitchen in Nice. That’s the whole point of a truly made-to-measure kitchen designed by AS Design.

How is a made-to-measure kitchen designed?

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Like a real project that must take into account many parameters essential to its success. You can’t install a made-to-measure kitchen like you would a piece of kit furniture! Everything must be taken into account and only seasoned professionals have the necessary know-how to guarantee a result that meets your requirements. Designing a made-to-measure kitchen requires perfect mastery of several trades.

Masonry: removing a kitchen to change it often brings surprises! You have to be able to deal with these discoveries, which sometimes require a wall to be redone, plastered or repainted.

Tiling: removing and replacing tiles while taking advantage of the opportunity to level the original floor is not for the faint of heart. Our craftsmen will be able to restore the floors where your kitchen will be installed.

Electricity: an induction oven will bring you an undeniable plus: but it needs a specific line. The custom-made kitchen hides a number of cables that never cease to amaze those who discover them for the first time. And sometimes it’s better to change them all for safety and power reasons.

Plumbing: the blood vessels of your custom kitchen. The best materials will guarantee the durability of your AS Design kitchen.

Why call on our AS Design teams?

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Because we have the most suitable solution for you, whatever your project. Our competence is recognised because it is based on the professionalism of all our staff. We recruit the best craftsmen and we train them constantly, because modern kitchens are becoming more and more progressive. With us, you will save a lot of time, because we will take care of your installation from A to Z. You will be able to follow your project with your dedicated kitchen designer who will keep you informed at every stage of the installation of your AS Design kitchen. This is a fundamental point that will mark out the installation of this element, so important for a family, that is a custom-made kitchen. This means that you will be involved in all the stages, even if you are not physically present. This is a significant plus for you and will allow you to be reassured during the whole process.

What do we have that others don’t?

In the world of cooking, anything is possible. Everywhere you look, you’ll see offers that are more tempting than the others, as well as almost permanent promotions… Let’s face it, every service is related to its cost and this is not by chance. We are positioned in the real top of the range with prestigious kitchens that are aimed at a demanding clientele. It is our label and our expertise that are sought after by discerning consumers who want the best of current technology. Our kitchens have a unique design that will enhance every element of your AS Design custom kitchen layout! Our Italian brand Valcucine is known worldwide for its excellence in kitchen design. It is in a way the top of the customised kitchens. With our kitchens, you will enhance your flat or your house, giving it a touch of Italian charm that will be completely in keeping with your personality and that of your home in Nice.

If you want the best for your kitchen without having to worry about the follow-up of your construction site, you will find the person you are looking for in the AS Design team. Trust us with the installation of your new Italian-inspired living space and enjoy the charms of our Valcucine kitchens, which are as beautiful as they are reliable and functional. That’s why you’re right to entrust the design of your custom kitchen to AS Design, the leading Italian kitchen designer in Nice!