Think about the integration of your appliances in your kitchen 2024

Think about the integration of your appliances in your kitchen

Appliances in a kitchen are the central pivot that must combine functionality with the overall look of the room. An oven that does not fit in with the overall trend, a dishwasher whose colour stands out too much in relation to the surrounding furniture, and it is a whole atmosphere that will become heavy over time for the person who will be at the stove.

There are several things to consider before choosing your household appliances. Here’s a closer look at these different criteria with our professional advice on how to avoid making the wrong choice!

Identify the style of your appliance to ensure it fits in with your kitchen

Cuisine Valcucine Artematica Pigmentus | Cuisiniste Cannes | AS DesignIs your kitchen made of wood and are you looking for a rustic or authentic atmosphere? Do you have a modern kitchen with black and white tones and would like to have appliances that match this trend? Does your kitchen have a sleek, shiny look and you want appliances with an aluminium or similar exterior?

Before you start buying the main appliances that will fit into your kitchen (oven, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, etc.), make sure you choose the style of these appliances carefully so as not to create too many contrasts that could harm the harmony in your room.

Do not forget the functional aspects of your appliances and determine the ideal location

In addition to the aesthetic aspects, you should also take into account the functional criteria of your kitchen and think carefully about the location of your major appliances in the room. What kitchen designers such as AS Design call the “activity triangle” must absolutely allow for a good flow of traffic in your kitchen. Your hob, fridge and washing equipment (dishwasher, sink, etc.) should be positioned so that they are all within easy reach to avoid unnecessary movement.

Positioning your appliances correctly will increase your enjoyment of cooking and limit the effort involved in the various daily tasks. As far as possible, do not hesitate to raise your dishwasher to avoid back problems.

Cuisine Valcucine Riciclantica avec couches d'automne douces | Cuisiniste Monaco | AS Design

Optimising the space available in your kitchen for your small appliances

Once you have thought about the integration of the main kitchen equipment, let’s move on to the layout of the small appliances, such as the coffee maker, toaster, blender or juicer. If your kitchen is spacious and you want to have these appliances within easy reach at all times, you can place them in specific locations (in the corners near the sockets, for example).

If, on the other hand, your space is limited and you don’t want your kitchen to be overloaded with appliances that you rarely use, consider storing these small appliances somewhere in one of the wall units. This will make it easier to clean the worktop and give your kitchen a sense of depth, even if it is rather small.