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Some tips to modernise your kitchen

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, its configuration and its brightness, it is always possible to ensure that the interior of the room is pleasant while offering the expected functionality. Would you like to update your kitchen and find ideas for refurbishing the room with the right equipment? In this article you will find some tips and best practices based on the fitted kitchens and furniture designed by the specialist AS Design.

Take into account the size of the room and its luminosity

Cuisine plan de travail marbre | Cuisiniste NiceBefore you start choosing furniture and colours, you need to analyse the type of room you have by looking at its size, shape and brightness. A kitchen that has little natural light must have light, bright furniture with shiny walls. If it is an open kitchen, you can play with colour contrast and add a vintage touch to highlight the equipment.

As a general rule, for modern kitchens with standard configurations, furniture and walls should not exceed 3 different colours, opting for light colours for the walls except for one side (generally bright red or other shades). For furniture, grey or metallic colours with some shiny black equipment will bring the interior up to date. Don’t forget the floors, avoid too white and bright colours as much as possible and opt for an anthracite colour instead, provided that the walls and furniture are lighter and brighter colours.

The kitchen designer AS Design has kitchen equipment that favours modernity, capable of integrating into any room configuration, whatever the size.

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Favour sober and timeless furniture and appliances

It’s no secret that the more brightly coloured and sober the furniture and appliances are, the more modern and functional we feel the room should be.

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As a rule, the furniture is in two colours (dark and light), one in anthracite black and the other in white. Appliances such as ovens, dishwashers, sinks and other equipment are made of stainless steel, which is timeless and easy to clean.

For the decoration and the colour of the walls, the use of a bright colour (red, mauve, orange) adds contrast and cheerfulness to the room, an effect appreciated by younger households in search of modernity.

Finally, avoid overloading the room with heavy decorative elements that can reduce the living space and give a feeling of oppression. A black and white frame of a vintage photo, a small hanging lamp, a small decorative clock will be more than enough to complete the configuration of your new kitchen. Don’t hesitate to ask the AS Design specialist for advice on how to modernise your current kitchen and find the right colours for your walls.