Trust your kitchen designer for a 100% made-to-measure kitchen 2024

Trust your kitchen designer for a 100% made-to-measure kitchen

Having a kitchen made to measure offers a number of advantages. In particular, it allows you to create a kitchen that looks like you, that corresponds to your budget, your needs or your constraints. Thanks to your kitchen designer, you get a room that reflects your image: the kitchen of your dreams!

A 100% personalised kitchen

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By choosing a 100% made-to-measure kitchen, you have a lot of freedom! You can choose the colour chart that suits you and select the colour combinations that you prefer. You can choose a sophisticated kitchen by painting it black or a more natural kitchen with touches of green. Even more than the wall colours, you can also choose the coverings and materials.

Just let your imagination run wild and listen to your desires. Cement or tiled floors, floor or wall tiles, wood or metal, glossy, matt or laminate finish: the choice is yours. In addition, many of the kitchen elements are usually available in a range of colours, so that you can follow your chosen colour scheme.

Details that suit you

Unlike standard kitchens, 100% customised kitchens can be adapted to any style. Loft spirit, industrial trend, modern space or modern atmosphere: everything is within your reach!

Practical, custom kitchens allow you to combine the elements of your choice down to the smallest detail. For example, you can choose a pink-gold mixer tap and harmoniously echo the colour by opting for pink-gold metal door handles. You can match the colour of the fridge or the hood to the colour of your worktop. You can also choose light fittings made of the same material as your worktop.

You can also choose the height, shape and size of a central kitchen island. This way, it fits perfectly into your room.

Storage that meets your needs

Storage in a kitchen is essential. It must be practical and well thought out according to your habits. Drawers, saucepans, condiment and spice trays are available in many sizes and colours. You can therefore select them according to the way you move around the kitchen and use the different elements of your space.

Kitchen storage units can be large or small, and can show off your dishes, utensils and food. But they can also allow you to hide certain elements that you don’t want to leave in plain sight. This is the case for a dustbin or a compost bin, for example.

The height of your storage units and the way they open can also be adapted to suit your needs and your size, for example.

The right equipment for you

By trusting your kitchen designer and deciding to install a made-to-measure kitchen, you also have the possibility to choose your furniture and all your equipment. Your hood can be made of stainless steel or painted in colour. It can be folded down or have a classic shape. Your cooker can have 5 burners, which is very practical for families, or 3 to 4 if you live alone or as a couple.

Depending on your preferences, you can select equipment to be integrated directly behind the doors of your furniture. This solution allows you to obtain a harmonious kitchen with clean lines. You can also decide to keep one or two elements, such as your fridge and microwave, visible by choosing colourful, designer models.

The right answer to your needs

Every kitchen is different. Each one is more or less bright or more or less spacious. Opting for a 100% made-to-measure kitchen means you can respond to the constraints of your space. You can choose the size and shape of your worktop, make it a wall-mounted area or a central island, depending on the space you have available.

A custom kitchen also allows you to take into account the number of people in the household. In your 100-custom kitchen, you can choose to install a high table or a worktop with bar chairs, perfect for breakfast. Alternatively, you can set up a standard height dining table and a worktop on the side, dedicated solely to cooking and not to sharing meals.

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