You can get a bargain by buying a second-hand kitchen 2024

You can get a bargain by buying a second-hand kitchen

A new kitchen is often a major investment that can only be made with a loan or by dipping into savings. However, many kitchen dealers offer second-hand models for sale, which are often rarely used and cost much less than an identical new model.

Would you like to limit your investment by buying a second-hand kitchen ? Here is a closer look at the various advantages of this type of purchase, which are far from the usual ideas.

Benefit from a quality kitchen at a lower price by opting for a second-hand model

cuisine d'occasion en hêtre massif + électroménager

Contrary to what some people suggest, buying a second-hand kitchen does not mean buying a kitchen that is damaged, outdated or lacking in functionality. It can be a worthwhile long-term investment with solid, fashionable furniture that will last for many years. There may be some wear and tear or dings, but often these small defects are barely noticeable and can be corrected by sanding the furniture, using a varnish or simply replacing the defective element.


As a rule, a discount of 30% or more can be achieved when purchasing a second-hand kitchen. This represents considerable savings and at the same time you get quality from a kitchen fitter to dismantle and reassemble the elements in a professional manner.

You can also check the condition of the various pieces of furniture and any appliances in the kitchen yourself before making your choice. You can even negotiate the price directly with the kitchen designer, who can replace some of the equipment that is considered too worn or out of date with new, compatible items on a case-by-case basis.

If you go through a professional kitchen designer such as AS Design, you can be sure of getting a guarantee on your investment and a check on the appliances to avoid all kinds of hidden defects. Buying a second-hand model becomes an investment without the risk of having equipment damaged by assembly and reassembly.

cuisine d'occasion en hêtre massif + électroménagerBenefit from the assembly of a professional kitchen fitter to get a kitchen as good as new

Because dismantling a second-hand kitchen and reassembling it requires not only equipment, but also a great deal of know-how, it is preferable to go through a professional and experienced kitchen fitter to carry out this type of operation. In many cases, rework is required to connect the equipment to gas, water or electricity. The DIY enthusiast risks spending time and making irreversible mistakes that can undermine the value of the investment.


The right equipment is used to unscrew wall and base units and the necessary adaptations are made within your room to make connections or adjustments. Every effort will be made to preserve the integrity of your furniture.


An assurance of getting little used equipment when buying a second-hand kitchen

You should also be aware that second-hand kitchens should be carefully examined before you make a purchase. Check the age of the equipment and the general condition of the furniture before making your choice.

Since many people choose a second-hand kitchen as a bargain, don’t delay and don’t procrastinate if, once you’ve checked it out, you’ve fallen in love with it.

cuisine d'occasion en hêtre massif + électroménager