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You will love the industrial style of our kitchens

The industrial style seems to encompass several concepts, as the term industrial brings together several aspects between functionality, resistance, a certain era, but also the priority given to certain materials. Associating the word “kitchen” with the adjective “industrial” may seem to distance gastronomy and conviviality from the purpose of this kitchen. And yet! To want an industrial kitchen is to seek a certain idea of conviviality, a simplicity of style that leaves the human being as the main pillar of this room.

The industrial style for your kitchen: a certain idea of conviviality

You will love the industrial style of our kitchens 2024

The world of industry is a world of creation, of simplicity, but above all of efficiency. Before thinking about colours and materials, you will have to draw up a traffic plan and an efficient layout. Efficiency lies in speed and safety for the body and people. An industrial kitchen must be designed to be able to cook and entertain at the same time. Sit back and try to imagine what a kitchen must offer to provide the simplicity you dream of. Because you will have to find out what makes you dream in the world of industry. It is undoubtedly the memory of the simplicity of a bygone era, and therefore a search for a certain period, but also for a recognisable, identifiable and almost timeless style. Second-hand objects, making do with little, and everything having a well-defined function: no superfluous, no outrageous decoration, that is the keystone of the industrial style. If you are attracted to the industrial style, it is because you are looking for the evidence of efficiency and the warmth of simple and raw materials.

The combination of materials for a harmonious industrial style

The materials of choice for creating an industrial style are obviously those that evoke resistance, ease of maintenance, and a certain homogeneity between the functionality and the obviousness of the materials.

Stainless steel as a red thread is a classic. Its apparent coldness goes very well with a glass roof that will reflect a warm light, or with a raw wood worktop that will give the warmth that steel seems to lack.

The world of industry is a world where each object has its place, and each shelf has a precise theme. Steel allows you to have slim structures for your shelves and furniture. An industrial kitchen is characterised by clean, easy-to-reach furniture where everything is visible at first glance. Hollow chairs, scrap metal stools with wooden seats, no carved wood, no ceramics or enamel.

Light above all: open shelves, imposing light fittings

You will love the industrial style of our kitchens 2024

An industrial kitchen must give pride of place to light and transparency! In a factory, everything can be seen and everyone must be visible, that’s obvious. If you want to isolate your kitchen to protect your living space, you need to think about a glass roof. Nothing could be more effective than to perfect this industrial and old-fashioned side. If you are lucky enough to have a window in your kitchen, prefer semi-tinted glass to curtains, which are definitely not recommended in an industrial-style kitchen.

The flow of light should be obvious. If you have opted for a central island, rough metal suspensions or simple bulbs will flood your kitchen. A warm light is nevertheless allowed to make the whole look warm. Designer pendant lights with gold interior paint or warm light bulbs will help to reinforce the idea of a light well.

Simplicity first: the best will always be the enemy of the good!

It is common to read here and there that the industrial style is above all the misappropriation of objects and the influx of vintage details. However, be careful not to fall into an exercise in style and therefore into bad taste! You must keep in mind that industrial style, even if it is meant to be warm, is above all the minimum. Your industrial kitchen should not be overflowing with all kinds of useless objects that would ruin all your efforts. A second-hand object does not necessarily belong in an industrial kitchen: industry is not a world of chaos.


Your industrial style kitchen should be easy on the eye, simple to live with, obvious to use and effective over time!